It had to be said, I KNOW I’d said I was done, but there are still loose ends being found and tidied up. I’m also largely having to plan on the fly as it’s a Bank Holiday, and training this morning has effectively wiped me out. However, because it is all easier, that’s what’s happened. Plan B is in place. I am ready to readjust. Also, I unexpectedly got a bonus today, and am hugely grateful for it.

I’d like to think the world is changing. Let’s see.

Ready to Go


Been a long week, friends. Lot has taken place, not all of it great, but you know that. The bigger issue is how this all pans out going forward, as was discussed yesterday, and so I’m ready to go. Having applied a much-needed plant to my own face, and reorganised exercise days in order for me to maximise my output today, it is time to alter direction.

Time to turn the supertanker around.

This will take a while.