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  • Everything Must Go

    Everything Must Go

    If anybody wants me, I am finally throwing the last of my old life away. See you on Monday.

  • Valentine


    Cricket continues to accept it has a lot to do in tacking racism, and it will further the cause a great deal that ex-cricketers are prepared to open themselves on camera to exposure. The stories that ultimately drive change are those which show our humanity in different light, either good or bad. The common denominator […]

  • I Love You

    I Love You

    Watching BBC Sherlock does not make you a BBC Sherlock fan. Actual BBC Sherlock fans have done the following:* Read the ACD stories* Visited London * Solved murder cases as a hobby * Silently pined over their flatmate for years * Faked their own suicide — Fin Amour (@fin__amour) January 4, 2020 If you spend […]

  • Tomorrow Never Knows

    Tomorrow Never Knows

    A twelve week block of therapy begins next Tuesday. This is the only time I’ll talk about this publicly until it’s over. Then, I may not talk at all, but rest assured I’m making lots of notes. This is summat that doesn’t get shared with the room. That, in itself, is no bad thing. Note […]

  • The Colosseum

    The Colosseum

    One of the reasons why our holiday this year is in Europe was because of me. Italy’s always held a special allure, and with European travel (potentially) becoming a bit of a minefield starting next year (cheers Brexit) it seemed like a good idea to push for this trip before that happened. The fact Rome […]

  • In Dreams :: May 29th

    In Dreams :: May 29th

    I should make a graphic for this, hang on. My subconscious loves to fuck with me, especially at the weekends, so I’ve decided that as a cheap means of providing content, plus as an insight into my past, we’ll be recording dreams from now on with context. This morning, it was all about our first house. […]

  • Think


    Today marks 16 years since I stood and watched on live TV the World change forever. Looking up from this screen, to the apex of the roof of the room I type in, there are three pictures I took on my first trip to New York in the 1990’s. I saw the Towers but never […]

  • Think


    Maybe it isn’t just me that’s the problem. Perhaps sometimes, other people forget to think. That comment would have just been better not being vocalised. You could have not pressed ‘Send’ but now you have? It’s okay. You said sorry, I’ll move on. Except sometimes it takes a while. It used to be that I held grudges, […]

  • The Disappointed

    The Disappointed

    Getting fit has brought some unexpected benefits to my life: one of them has involved a distinct improvement to the way my digestive system functions. That means it is even more pronounced when the thing stops working, but even that appears to have become less traumatic in the action and recovery. I know full well […]