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  • Lucky Stars

    Lucky Stars

    It is 1977: I am 11 years old. I hear a song on the radio that I love: Ariel. It’s by a bloke called Dean Friedman: an American singer-songwriter for whom that is his only ‘major’ US hit. However, his quirkiness catches the ear of a Radio One DJ I listen to obsessively: Noel Edmunds. Thanks […]

  • Just Like Christmas

    Just Like Christmas

    The sun is coming up and I’m in the kitchen, making my first cuppa of the day. On the radio Low’s ‘Just Like Christmas’ begins to play. There’s a moment of irrefutable resignation: this song has altered in resonance from the last time it was heard. It will now be forever associated with someone who, […]

  • The Vatican Museum

    The Vatican Museum

    I’ve never been religious, neither are my parents… in fact, I’m pretty certain that God has never featured in anything other than marriages and deaths. Therefore it was with a sense of some discomfort myself and Mr Alt decided to visit the Vatican Museums on one of their Friday night ‘open late’ events, as it […]

  • The Colosseum

    The Colosseum

    One of the reasons why our holiday this year is in Europe was because of me. Italy’s always held a special allure, and with European travel (potentially) becoming a bit of a minefield starting next year (cheers Brexit) it seemed like a good idea to push for this trip before that happened. The fact Rome […]

  • In Dreams :: May 29th

    In Dreams :: May 29th

    I should make a graphic for this, hang on. My subconscious loves to fuck with me, especially at the weekends, so I’ve decided that as a cheap means of providing content, plus as an insight into my past, we’ll be recording dreams from now on with context. This morning, it was all about our first house. […]