Start Me Up

The first day back post Half term is tough. The 6.58 alarm call hurts after a week where being anywhere on time is not 100% essential. The kids, walking to school like zombies, are further evidence that I’m not alone for the dislike of the early start. However, it undoubtedly gets easier. Right now, however, this tea better bloody get working.


This week, I will mostly be testing my limits. I’ve already managed summat not done since January, the house is tidier than for quite some time (but still needs a clean) and the week is planned pretty well. The trick is, of course, whether that can be stuck to or not.

Only one way to find out, I suppose…


I am really rather glad that this week is almost over. I’d like to say I have a stunning post full of revelatory insight, but sadly my brain right now is mush. I do have a cheese baguette, and it probably the best thing I have tasted for some time. That gives you an idea that mind and body really aren’t working in the same space.

Come back and see me tomorrow.

Four Seasons in One Day



Done. I did it. It is sorted. I’m not going to give a blow-by-blow dissection of what it entailed or how I felt: all I want to say is that the walk home felt a lot longer than he trip to the Gym. But I’l be back out there tomorrow. Today, as I’ve now inherited the gastrobug that everybody else in the house has suffered, I suspect I won’t make the step total. In fact, I’m confidently predicting I’ll be in bed by the time you read this. Because even I know the value of not pushing it when you know you’re not capable.

However, in other news:



which means my next goal is 40k and that will not happen until I am *considerably* fitter than I am now.

Needless to say, lines in the sand are good, especially when the tide required to erase them only happens once or twice a year.