Making Your Mind Up

Even though I lost an hour this morning, it’s a beautiful day.

I’ve spent some time pouring over Co-Promote, which is turning into an extremely useful component of the experiment for the Writing Site. I have posts worked out for the next few weeks on the Warcraft Site, and there’s NEW CONTENT due on Wednesday. The only problem I foresee in the next week is when I get on the scales tomorrow for PT and it is apparent I’ve been eating far more than I should have been, because it’s taking a while to adjust noshing patterns to the increase in exercise frequency. Everything else is looking great, and there’s now no excuse to put off a lot of stuff I’ve been avoiding. In fact, I’m looking forward to getting things thrown out and cleared away.

Life, as it stands, is going remarkably well.


What has now made the difference, undoubtedly, is the Mindfulness course I’m on, which is about to end its first week. It has done nothing more than opened a door in my head that before I did not even realised existed. That has in turn given me entry to a place where my normal life has gained an extra depth and space: nothing dramatic has changed, but my perception has undoubtedly shifted. I’ll write about this more in detail in the week, but suffice it to say there’s a new brightness to every moment that is only now beginning to register. I’m beyond grateful for the lovely lady who suggested I go take this course to begin with. I may never adequately find the means to thank her for simply doing the job she’s paid to do.


Normally on a Sunday I’d be lost at a PC and gaming, but today (once the blogging is done) I fully intend to put my mind to the first big task I set myself to finish this time last week, and once that is finally done I can move forward and start attacking the front of the house with hoover and dusters. Spring Cleaning will take a couple of weeks at my current rate of attrition, but this year it will be done. I’ve half assed my way through it over the last few years but really, there’s just so much crap now accumulated, and a ton of it is never used any more by either child or us. As a result, it doesn’t need to be here any more, and I can make space in a house that’s already bursting at the seams. That’s the other debt of gratitude I have to acknowledge: I’ve been keeping track of my Minimalism Game goals since the 1st of March, and I’ll have thrown out a ton of stuff come Friday and completed the goal.


Sometimes I know it can feel as if people blog stuff that’s not real, that it is all just smoke and mirrors to get others to read their work. I couldn’t get away with ever being like that because I know now I’d be lying, and that helps nobody in the end. This month, I suspect, will be looked back as a watershed going forward, that this was the moment when I stopped pretending to be doing all this stuff seriously and moved forward.

The future is making me vibrate with excitement, and that’s never a bad thing.

Turn, Turn, Turn

I have to say, I’ve not looked forward to a weekend for quite some time as much as I have this one. For the last five days, without fail, there’s been at least 30 minutes of continuous exercise in some form. I’ve also taken the biggest and most significant step forward in personal development for probably close to a decade. Both mentally and physically last night I was exhausted, but I stayed up to finish a blog post I’d said would be available on Friday, and it was. It doesn’t help either that I’ve been hot flushing between six to eight times a day and when my head hit the pillow, I had no time to worry or think. I was out cold, and woke up six and a bit hours later.


That’s the best night’s sleep I can remember for several weeks, right there. This morning I could just turn over and go back to sleep without the worry of missing an alarm or getting kids ready for school, and next week is the last one before the Easter break. If it wasn’t already obvious, everything could do with a rest, and the two weeks we have coming up is going to be very gratefully received. Now, sitting here and writing, there’s lots to consider and this is probably the most exciting time in terms of progress since I swapped over all my blogs to one home. I am genuinely excited for what progress means, and how I can now become effectively the arbiter of this next part of my journey.


I’d not expected much from my paid adventure into boosting posts, I’ll grant you, but Monday’s Experiment post is going to be a corker. When you grasp what is being paid for isn’t the guarantee that your work will be read, but simply the possibility of an audience, then you’re forced into upping your game in order to try and secure more long-term interest. Right now, that does seem to be happening. It is slow, I’ll grant you, but the take up most definitely is there, and it isn’t from what was traditionally my ‘main’ audience. For more on this, and the other changes I’m seeing as a result of this, watch the other blogs as time goes on.


On the personal side of things, I need to start doing some more general posts for Vocal next week and boost them, and work out if I can realistically finish the stuff I planned to start in January. However now, as it is such a lovely day outside, it is time to strap on a rucksack and buy some tasty, simple food for the weekend. I have an urge for a mozzarella and cherry tomato salad, and my daughter fancied fresh baked bread. I can do all this, and stick in some elevated heart rate in the process, before I finish chores and go do weights at the Gym. My life is pretty damn awesome right now, and it is important to make the most of every day.

New Life

I’ve shifted my PT around for the last few weeks to accommodate illness, and this will be the second week that’s involved no cardio element for obvious reasons. However, having just woken up from a very much needed hour’s power nap, let me state for the record it may as well have been cardio, because it left me totally exhausted.Ā I always treat these sessions as major victories, that if I’m worn out by the work being offered it’s worth the cash you hand over. For me at least it’s also a useful yardstick of my level of fitness at present and yup, there’s a lot to catch up on.Ā However, this is no longer something that is viewed with trepidation, quite the opposite. In fact, I’ll be back walking on a treadmill tomorrow morning.

Sanity now matters a fair deal on me being able to dictate my own terms.


I know I won’t hit 12k today with the rest of the stuff planned, but fully intend to do a full 12k tomorrow and to stick that in with my weights on Friday. More than anything else the thinking time on the Treadmill really matters, especially with the book still in full flow. I’ve lost weight thanks to being sick, but there’s a ton of work to do to get the flabby bits to vanish still, and I’ll be working as hard as I can into the New Year to do just that. I’m also hoping I can wean myself off so much drug dependenceĀ once it is apparent my chest is on the way to recovery. In good news the ‘death rattle’ is on its way out, and tonight I might yet be able to go back to a single pillow to sleep with. God, what an exciting life I lead.


It has been a while since I’ve suffered with a chest infection, but this is the first time that I’ve worked through any kind ofĀ illness with this level of strength and it feels REALLY good. The mental benefits for this, by the way, have been immeasurable, and I may discuss those at length later.

I’m taking this whole situation therefore as the major victory it undoubtedly is.


Station Approach

Yesterday, I failed my #28FitDays Challenge, because I decided I wanted to spend an evening with an extremely old and dear friend. It was utterly worth it, including the weight loss I’ve managed this week as a result. Sometimes, notĀ finishing first will not negate your effort.


At that point, I couldn’t remember when I’d been as happy as I was, and I now am. For that alone? Utterly worth it. Today I went and did my steps, and tomorrow I’ll do a double day to make up for the shortfall.

Because that, sometimes, is how Life works.