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  • Day Three :: Genoa to Rome

    Day Three :: Genoa to Rome

    The plan was simple enough, we’d be taking a trip to Pisa, with plenty of time for my daughter to limp about, before arriving in Rome really late. Except, as is often the case, that was not what circumstances dictated. Day 3 and a Polish coach driver takes out the back of the van. Rear […]

  • Summer Holiday

    Today I’m travelling South West. I’ve not done it for a while, and I have to admit that I’m looking forward to going back to a place with an immense number of fond memories over the last 30 years. I’m not going blind until next week either: various electronic devices are making the trip with […]

  • History Repeating

    History Repeating

    Okay, yesterday was Sunday, right? That means I’m at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and it’s the largest collection of Egyptian objects outside of Egypt (I believe) It also means an unreasonable amount of squeezing like a fangirl, and I did not disappoint on that front. Even writing about it now is making me happy […]

  • Coming Up

    Coming Up

    I’m never at my best at 5am. There was snapping at the kids, but also a lot of genuine understanding that Mum was crap, and she didn’t have to keep apologising. Once the plane was in the air? Absolutely fine. Novel got edited, I ate stuff and didn’t feel guilty. Once we hit JFK? Things […]

  • Warm Sound

    Warm Sound

    Okay, I’ve done everything work-related I have time for. I’m supposed to be in bed by 10 for a 5am start, but that won’t happen. I’m too nervous. I’ve never done air travel well. There will be a lot of fretting and pacing. My carry on however is packed, and I have to hope that […]

  • Mud Glorious Mud

    Mud Glorious Mud

    I’ve never done a ‘proper’ Festival before and so, this year, here the Family are at Eroica. Unfortunately (or unsurprisingly, depending on your outlook) the rain chased us all the way to Bakewell on Friday, and this made for interesting times underfoot. However, there was no rain all day, and frankly the place was magnificent. In fact, […]

  • Coming Around Again

    Coming Around Again

    There was a momentary period of panic when it became apparent that no phone signal at my current location equated to no code for my two step authentication, but fortunately I have a list of codes to hand to negate the technological shortcomings. WordPress’ app, although beautifully simplistic, lacks a lot of the charm of […]