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  • Across the Universe

    Across the Universe

    It’s been an odd weekend. Once the negative test results came through on Saturday afternoon, a poem fell out of me that wasn’t really poetic until right at the end, but undoubtedly is now the most accurate summation of my life thus far. Considering your mortality is something that happens a lot as you get […]

  • Silent Waves

    Silent Waves

    I had a conversation last night about another aspect of this: Twitter is becoming less of a space, and more of a podium. It's a dangerous development based on the company's unwillingness to deal with multiple problems that exist, but it clearly doesn't want to solve… https://t.co/7voOJGvY7I — 🌳 Sarah Reeson 🍀 Exposed Frailties 🌳 […]

  • Brimful of Asha

    Brimful of Asha

    I suddenly have a phenomenal amount of stuff on. A couple of prizes have appeared out of left field, and both allow the opportunity to recycle existing work to enter. In fact, what’s occupying my mind currently is an old fiction work which can be re-purposed (possibly) for another prize in October. It is oddly […]

  • The Man Who Told Everything

    The Man Who Told Everything

    I need to make some new headers. Hang on whilst that goes on the To Do List. Today, I’ll be wibbling about Poetry (a lot) on the Writing blog because it’s now become a part of daily life. I’ve written a ton of stuff, in the vain hope something might get me noticed. After all, […]

  • The Message

    The Message

    Right then, Universe, you and I need to have a chat. I entirely grasp that being a selfish, arrogant fucktrumpet is a bad thing. There is no issue understanding that you need to be accommodating and empathetic when engaging in Social media discourse. However, sometimes it needs to be stated, for the record, that you […]