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  • Goodbye


    A female James Bond? Never, confirms executive producer https://t.co/vYgbFnrNaa — 🌊 Sarah 📝 Shonky Gubbins 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) October 7, 2018 It took a lot of thought (plus a half finished follow up to my fanfic series that would have involved the last three 007’s plus my AU) but I’m done. Bond and I are no […]

  • Another Way to Die

    Another Way to Die

    Danny Boyle's exit from James Bond throws franchise into chaos https://t.co/1jn6EEEiIt — The Guardian (@guardian) August 22, 2018 Yes I KNOW I’m supposed to be writing poetry, and as it happens I have been, quite well all told. However, this happened Tuesday night and ever since my brain’s been looking for a release, because I […]

  • All Time High

    All Time High

    Since the #MeToo Movement emerged in Hollywood (and beyond) the knives have been out for Ian Fleming’s secret agent. It is no surprise, on reflection: if you wanted a genre that had male dominance stamped all over it, here it is. Despite various attempts to shift emphasis (and a distinct move away completely from women […]

  • You Know My Name

    You Know My Name

    Took a day off all forms of writing yesterday, because occasionally even I like to not worry about output. Then I went with Mr Alt to the Royal Albert Hall and watched Casino Royale scored by a full orchestra (plus David Arnold on guitar) and was in the same place (briefly) as Michael G Wilson and Barbara […]

  • Coming Around Again

    Coming Around Again

    This is the blog post about Bond 25 that needs to be made, as the announcement popped up yesterday from Eon’s @007 Twitter feed confirming something is in pre-production. Booking a weekend in November 2019 might seem a bit previous, but considering what we’ve seen coming out of Comic Con over the last weekend, it […]

  • This Woman’s Work

    This Woman’s Work

    Last weekend, I watched the last episode of the current season of Dr Who. I didn’t mean to, it just happened, and even though the whole season’s only been absorbed via synopsis, I stayed to the end and was rather glad that happened. The last 45 seconds was so far out of left field as […]

  • For Your Eyes Only

    The World Premiere of SPECTRE took place on this day a year ago. The premiere was held at the Royal Albert Hall, London. pic.twitter.com/cRB3ccBN5f — James Bond (@007) October 26, 2016 It doesn’t seem like a year since Spectre was released: to be honest, it’s more like several years. 2016, as many people will attest, […]

  • Where I Stood

    Where I Stood

    The Bechdel Test, if you are not already aware of it, is quite significant for many women in popular culture. In its simplest form? Bechdel ‘asks whether a work of fiction features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man. The requirement that the two women must be named is […]

  • The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

    The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

    This man saved my life in the week. Not literally, you understand, but in a purely metaphorical manner, and not the actor I might add but the character that he plays. Have I confused you enough yet? That’s Gareth Mallory, current head of MI6 in Eon Productions ‘James Bond 007’ Universe and he turned up […]

  • The Heart Wants what it Wants

    The Heart Wants what it Wants

    I have a problem. Ever since I finished my Bond ‘fiction’ before SPECTRE was released, there’s been a coda in my head. Mostly, it has a lot to do with me getting the right hump with the return of an organisation I’d have dearly liked to have seen remain dead and buried. However, as I’m […]