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  • Ten Miles High

    Ten Miles High

    This morning I woke up, and this fell out of my brain. I expect more of these coping strategies going forward.#poetsofinstagram #poets #poetssociety #poetsdaily #poetscommunity #poems #poet #writerscommunity #poetry pic.twitter.com/zAtdw5Mzds — ๐ŸŒ— Sarah Reeson ๐ŸŒ• Precarious Epithet ๐ŸŒ“ (@MoveablePress) March 18, 2020 Yesterday was tough, but very important. Work got done, I made difficult decisions. […]

  • Rain is Falling

    Rain is Falling

    It is a foul day outside. I have not completed the scheduled early Gym session because after last night’s exercise on the bike, I needed to rest. I have never found anything as physically and mentally painful as this cycling bollocks. — ๐ŸŒŠ Sarah's Year of the Chat ๐ŸŒŠ (@AlternativeChat) January 19, 2018 After an […]

  • Wide Open Space

    Wide Open Space

    You ever had a day when you realised the fundamental problem in everything was you? Once upon a time, when this used to happen (and it did quite often, coinciding with hormonal change before or during menstruation) I’d just go backwards. There’d be rows, recrimination and ultimately tears: yesterday all of those happened, but not […]

  • Happy


    This blog is the equivalent of Internet tumbleweed: extremely localized, and only seen by a handful of people. Every time I hear someone lament that ‘nobody cares about what I do’ there is this sudden and overriding desire to point out that, for coming up for two decades that’s been my life, right there. Seven […]

  • This is the Day

    This is the Day

    Summer appears to have vanished, at least the sunny bits of it, and that’s totally fine. Walking to the Gym this morning in muggy, overcast grottiness I am reminded that September is not far off: Autumn’s already here according the fruit trees and bushes. It will be a bumper fruit harvest this year too, which […]

  • Running in the Family

    Friday night was quite scary, all told. We discovered our son has an allergy to cashew nuts, and two hours after the ambulance crew left us you’d be hard pressed to see he’d even had a problem. Piriton plus expert triage equalled another reason for me to be grateful the NHS exists and to ensure […]