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  • Face the Music

    Face the Music

    Not often I make it past 20 likes in the modern world. REALLY pleased with the rebranding image too, and this one will be used on various things going forward. It’s odd, watching things change as they have over the last month. Last January was the first time I’d exercised every day in my life. […]

  • I’ll be There for You

    I’ll be There for You

    Yesterday, my Husband sent me a text message, cheerfully informing me that he’d registered a WordPress domain. I will admit, there was a measure of surprise over this. I’ve been suggesting that, for about three years now, he might like to write about his passion for cycling: he creates a very good blog on company […]

  • Everybody Dance

    Everybody Dance

    My legs still hurt from Friday’s PT. I’m on a fairly strict food and exercise regime right now. The plan is to see if the removal of certain items from my diet will have any long-term effect on helping me finally shift the most stubborn of fat. It is slowly beginning to work. Also, I need to […]

  • Wide Open Space

    Wide Open Space

    You ever had a day when you realised the fundamental problem in everything was you? Once upon a time, when this used to happen (and it did quite often, coinciding with hormonal change before or during menstruation) I’d just go backwards. There’d be rows, recrimination and ultimately tears: yesterday all of those happened, but not […]

  • Did It Again

    Did It Again

    The company who make my porridge do it in ‘instant’ sachets, with dried fruit to make the whole thing a little less… well, just oats. A while back they stopped making my favourite flavour combination. No more Apple and Cherry for me. Except, a few weeks after the announcement some extra stock appeared in my […]