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  • Occupy Your Mind

    Occupy Your Mind

    Starting tomorrow, conscious effort not to retweet – anything overly negative/depressing– stuff that doesn't offer what I consider as a rational, considered argument– stuff that grants ignorance legitimacy– RT's from people who don't deserve any more airtime + MORE CAKE.– — 🗿 Sarah's Poems 📝 Less Grief Associates 🗿 (@AlternativeChat) March 17, 2019 Eventually, it […]

  • Reality Bites

    Reality Bites

    Yesterday was one of those moments on Social media where it became apparent that my version of Reality quite seriously deviates from a lot of others. It was also a salient reminder that what gets published is never the full picture. Social media is a small window into someone's life AND is primarily used to […]

  • Night Boat to Cairo

    Night Boat to Cairo

    It is almost August. How did that happen? I am now down to my outstanding Patreon list fitting on a Post It note. This means that I’ll be up to date August 1st, when the process has to start again: however, I have adapted a very great deal in the last four weeks. It is […]

  • The Same Old Song

    The Same Old Song

    I made my first visit to the USA in 1994. It was arranged, I will happily admit now, using the X Files USENET group. This involved a round trip from a town near Boston to New York, via State College to Washington DC. What happened in 10 days is a story I will save for another day because it involved […]

  • Bad to the Bone

    Bad to the Bone

    Sometimes, you don't need to be right. You just need to be allowed to make the point without being told you're wrong. — 🌊 Alternative Chat 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) February 16, 2017 People don’t like being told they’re wrong. Speaking as ‘people’ as my own example, I’m terrible when I make mistakes. Traditionally my brain and […]