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  • The Fix

    The Fix

    I woke early this morning with a poem in my head and now it is on the page I am a very happy woman. HELLO ALL. — 🗿 Sarah Reeson 🏙 Accidental Artist🗿 (@MoveablePress) October 13, 2019 The poem began on the day I forced myself out of the house and into the countryside (such […]

  • Little Wing

    Little Wing

    When you are tired of Olivia Coleman you are tired of life. THAT IS ALL ON THE OSCARS. This week’s a monthly crossover, but I’m giving serious thought to taking some time off. By that I mean that I know mentally there’s not much left in the tank, because I’ve been writing poetry pretty solidly since […]

  • Eat to the Beat

    Eat to the Beat

    Today, someone took the time to explain to me how one properly flosses teeth. I realise that this has never been pointed out before, and understanding WHY something happens is probably more important than the fact it is done. Sometimes, that extra step is hard when everything else matters. I’d never visited a hygienist until […]

  • Design for Life

    Design for Life

    Yesterday, I went out with husband and daughter for my first meal post-operation. I played it safe: nothing overly fatty, healthy choice, and only a single beer, and woke up at 5am with a hunger I can’t recall for quite some time. Yesterday’s PT was all that was hoped for too: weights were utilised, exercises […]

  • Look out Any Window

    Look out Any Window

    Life is measured in great moments, seismic shifts in political and social structure that are only often ever truly understood decades after the event. Next week, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom will literally send a letter to the European Union to inform them that in two years time, my home intends to remove […]

  • Big Time

    Big Time

    Welcome to the first day of a new world. I’ve been promising myself that at some point I’ll stop fucking about, simply pretending to do this writing lark. Inspired by various friends who are making significant life changes and forging new careers for themselves later in life, I knew this was the moment. I think […]

  • All of Me

    All of Me

    I’m currently in the process of getting life insurance, because now I’m a lady of a certain age, it is sensible to provision for the kids should it all go BOOM unexpectedly. All those adverts which state ‘no medical needed, just a few questions’ have no chance of ever giving you a decent lump sum, so I […]

  • Broken Wings

    Broken Wings

    Looking at this picture from yesterday, swollen hand looks better than real hand ^^ pic.twitter.com/jrAWRHaN0F — Gotta Alt Them All (@AlternativeChat) August 4, 2016 Occasionally, admitting you need medical help is part of life. Yesterday, the itch from two mosquito bites became impossible to ignore, especially as my hand was finding typing difficult. So, off […]