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  • Distant Light

    Distant Light

    What I need right now is RAT LOVE pic.twitter.com/aVcVswJ6cu — 🌗 Sarah Reeson 🌕 Precarious Epithet 🌓 (@MoveablePress) March 18, 2020 Everybody, meet Pip, who with her sister Dot will be acting as Emotional Support Rats going forward, and who take their jobs extremely seriously indeed. How things now pan out with both daughter and son…

  • Look Around the Corner

    Look Around the Corner

    Welcome to the first blog post for several months that was organised the day before. It’s rather satisfying to have the ideas and then the chance to pre-plan. It doesn’t happen very often either; that needs to change. We’re in the planning stage :D Today, therefore, I want to talk to you about variations in experience…