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  • The Name of the Game

    The Name of the Game

    [Sensitive men may wish to look away now.] The menopause has effectively redefined who I am over the last couple of years. Sure, the same basic person remains that started the journey from periods that would effectively keep me housebound in the last months before they stopped, so much blood loss that I’d occasionally faint. […]

  • There There

    There There

    This week has been tough. Mentally I’ve coped pretty well but physically, my digestive system is a mess. Having to lose what I’ve become reliant on in terms of high fat foods was a wrench my body initially wasn’t at all happy about. However, a week in and I’m beginning to cope. The other major […]

  • Perfect Day

    Perfect Day

    This morning, the BBC website tells me that ‘method writing’ could be the future for authors: getting yourself into the correct mindset by experiencing the same things your characters do. This actually made me laugh into my breakfast cereal, because I’ve been doing this for years, and hell yes of course it works. Unlike some actors who’ll […]