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  • Look Up

    Look Up

    Sleep is not for the Weak, but for Winners. Once upon a time, there was a scepticism about knowing too much about my body. After all, the more details possessed, the easier it becomes to obsess (see: weighing myself daily) and that’s never going to end well. However, there are undoubted benefits to understanding what […]

  • Beautiful


    Last night was probably the best meal out I have ever had. I forgot to take photos, too busy being stunned by the brilliance of the food. It truly was amazing. — 🌊 Sarah, Decking the Halls FaLaLaLaLa LaLaLaLa🌊 (@AlternativeChat) December 19, 2017 This will be the third year I’ve been taken to Christmas Dinner […]

  • Think


    I am returning to something I never finished before the start of the Summer. I began this course before being diagnosed with the gallbladder issues. Without it, I doubt I’d have coped nearly as well with surgery. It seems like the right time to return to it, especially with the peculiar background of World News. […]

  • Confusion the Waitress

    Confusion the Waitress

    Monday, it must be said, seems a very long way away. It didn’t help this week that I’ve not had a regular PT session, that my son spent Monday and Tuesday at home, that I spoke to a Therapist on Wednesday and yesterday went outside for longer on my own than I have been for […]