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  • You Know My Name

    You Know My Name

    New month. I changed some stuff last night, on a whim, because this is apparently perfectly acceptable if you’re on social media in 2020. I’m also considering some more systemic alterations going forward. As this is the ‘transforming idea’ section of my Change Process diagram, anything is conceivably possible if I have the momentum. Every […]

  • Get The Balance Right

    Get The Balance Right

    In an hour, I’ll be off to do my first PT session since the operation. It hasn’t been two weeks since Surgery either, which seems strange, because that time feels like it was forever ago. Yesterday at the Gym there was another 12k, some fatigue but more progress than I can remember for a while: […]

  • Wish You Were Here

    Wish You Were Here

    Okay, I can positively attest that personal clarity and focus has returned to my brain after yesterday. The focal point came at about 4.30pm yesterday afternoon when I sat on the sofa and could feel an anaesthetic ‘fuzz’ almost pulling me to unconsciousness. There was an incorrect assumption that after three days I was shot […]

  • I Go To Sleep

    I Go To Sleep

    I was up early this morning, despite only having managed seven and a bit hours sleep. Husband is at work today so, like it or not, I was awake when he was. I went to bed early last night too but watched a DVD for the first time in I don’t know how many weeks, […]

  • The Universal

    The Universal

    Today, I left my Phone at home, went to the Gym and walked an hour on a treadmill with no distractions at all. I didn’t care that nobody could get hold of me. I wasn’t bothered that something bad might happen. I covered the face of the machine with a towel and just walked until […]

  • Burn the Witch

    Burn the Witch

    There are moments in my life where, I find myself stepping back from everything and asking the question ‘was that the right thing to do?’ If I’m honest, I spend far too much time poking things that should probably be well left alone, but at that moment, undoubtedly it seemed like a good idea. Some of […]