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  • Daydreaming


    So, yesterday. Let’s talk about that for a minute. Time to go think about what I want to do next in my life whilst lifting heavy things :D — 🗿 Sarah Reeson 📝 Writer/Content Creator 🗿 (@MoveablePress) April 7, 2019 I wrote a blog yesterday for the Other Place which was, it has to be […]

  • The End

    The End

    Today is the end of a significant portion of my exercise ‘life’ as my long-standing PT leaves the sector completely for pastures new. It’s been interesting watching how other people have reacted to this departure: some have angrily blamed her for ruining their lives by leaving, others have demonstrated quite frightening levels of passive-aggressive resistance. […]

  • New Sensation

    New Sensation

    I’m involving myself in a number of new things this week, allowing creativity to mix with a bit of risk taking. The first one of these is writing for an aggregation service, for want of a better term, that pays me on a per click basis. I know that I’m initially making nothing on this, […]

  • Big Time

    Big Time

    Welcome to the first day of a new world. I’ve been promising myself that at some point I’ll stop fucking about, simply pretending to do this writing lark. Inspired by various friends who are making significant life changes and forging new careers for themselves later in life, I knew this was the moment. I think […]

  • Swimming with Sharks

    Swimming with Sharks

    I have a new writing gig. It’s voluntary, but is rather important because of what it is and where it reaches. I really don’t give a flying fuck about getting paid for a lot of what I do (as we have discussed at length) and part of me would be happy to do this forever. However, what […]