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  • Scratchcard Lanyard

    Scratchcard Lanyard

    Written enough about exercise for a while. Poetry and prose are sorted elsewhere, I have a full diary and am right now excitedly waiting for the rebranding of my digital avatar, which is being produced by the lovely person who did the last one. Let’s talk about the details. The lyrics to this song have […]

  • This Is How We Do It

    This Is How We Do It

    Occasionally, there is a moment when everything is calm, quiet and still. If you are VERY lucky, within that will come a revelation that will alter the way you look at everything. I bang on about epiphanies, mostly because for so long now I’ve been rediscovering things about myself that it seems fair to suspect […]

  • Rise


    A six week counselling window has increased to ten. It will probably increase further. That means I gotta stop hoping somebody else is gonna throw me a line and get started on addressing the issues. Being a functioning adult (most of the time) has its disadvantages, who knew? Stick the latest Prodigy album on loud: let’s see […]

  • The Last Time

    The Last Time

    Things Alt has Learnt This Week Hangry is most definitely a Thing. I’d like to apologise to my family, who undoubtedly faced the brunt of this last night. IT IS TIME pic.twitter.com/ahpKErIpbk — 🌊 Sarah Creates : Shonky Gubbins 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) May 25, 2018 In the end, I didn’t have that burger, I went for […]

  • Goodbye


    The first time I saw an Apple Computer was the 1980’s: the new vinyl cutting machine that my mother had bought to start a home business was run by a IIe, so that makes it 1984 by the Internet’s unerring reckoning. Ever since, there’s been one in our house or in my handbag. I took […]

  • End Theme

    Lovely day out with a friend. See you tomorrow.

  • Audacity of Huge

    Audacity of Huge

    This morning I was reminded of how Twitter, like it or not, is just as manipulative as all other forms of social media. That’s not the fault of the platform, has very little if anything to do with the people who use it. What the above graphic reminds me is that how we as individuals […]

  • Epilogue


    I have gallstones. The sonographer seemed surprised I wasn’t yellow when I arrived, and that I was as healthy as was ascertained yesterday. He was also amazed that I was in absolutely no pain at any point during what was a pretty robust procedure, which seems odd: they wouldn’t show me the scans either and […]

  • The Best Thing

    The Best Thing

    That’s the best night’s sleep for weeks, right there. Three blocks of glorious, uninterrupted Deep sleep. Not waking up until 4.30am. No longer feeling thirsty when I did, but going to drink anyway, knowing I need to keep liver and kidneys dealing with the accumulated toxins in my body. Having my digestive system operating normally. […]

  • If You Love Somebody Set Them Free

    If You Love Somebody Set Them Free

    The truth is a difficult topic for discussion around these parts. Many people have, over the years, attempted to divert the course of history by presenting their version of the truth. The movie above is a fictionalised version of someone’s attempt to stop a previous US President in his tracks. Depending on who I believe, there’s plenty of […]