Last night was an 80%, but also a challenge in other ways. The young lady that had an asthma attack next to me was conscious when the paramedics arrived. All I hope is today is better for her than yesterday was. After that, I really don’t want to talk about what happened, until it is properly processed. At some point, learning first aid is going to be worthwhile, just because.

If you can help, make sure you do.


There wasn’t much sleep last night either, so brain and body are considerably slower than is optimal. However, there’s been some good work done before lunchtime.Β As long as there’s a decent night tonight, and that should not be hard, it’s back on target tomorrow. Also, as I’ve had physio this morning, there was an opportunity to jump on the biometric scale. This makes me happy.


If I could get that to sub 80 kilos before Christmas… well, that would be fantastic, because it is less weight to lift when pull ups finally happen.

That’s it, nothing else, off to find more caffeine.



This morning, my old PC finally decided it was done. Fortunately for me, there’d been a plan to switch hard drives from the dead machine to a very much more workable alternative. As it transpires, both of my hard drives are not only usable, but fairly robust, and were remarkably simple to refit from one unit to the other. I’ve now got nearly 3 terabytes of disk space to play with.

Nothing has been lost either: I’d been worried that three days worth of NaNo prep had vanished, but the save file from yesterday evening is intact. The only problem now is to get all the new things plumbed in, but first I’d like to have a bit of time sorting out the detritus in various folders which really does need archiving sooner rather than later. This is the stuff that really needs to be done before everything crashes again.


It’s amazing how well this has all worked out: normally such catastrophic crashes end up with weeks worth of work lost, and a similar amount of time to reconstruct the damage. My previous job as repairer and sysadmin has stood me in good stead: the OS on the SSD drive was unhappy, and had been for some time. The graphics card was overheating and eventually shorted the motherboard.

I made do and managed as long as I could with both, and now it’s time to start again.

Being able to do this myself matters an awful lot, understanding how stuff works and where you plug things in without destroying your warranty. Being cautious with data means there is a backup from last week regardless, but still. This is my livelihood here, years worth of work that will now be properly archived and put aside. With all this space and new impetus, it’s time to make the most of the new kit and push forward.

I already have some ideas for the future that deserve nothing less than my full attention.

A Walk in the Park

Hello there.


Here we are, after a day that pretty much exceeded all expectations.


Yeah, I know, there’s no red zone.Β I get this. As I sat at 89% for about five minutes yesterday in my rescheduled Blaze class, I got this. I am literally flat out, all the time. Less and less recovery is required, body just keeps going.Β Stamina is without question. What is now required is conditioning, so we’re doing that now. Eventually, it is gonna happen.

Hi there, I’m a new version of an old person and it’s great to meet you.


In fact, so different is the outlook on life right now there’s serious consideration being given to going for a run. WHO HAVE I EVEN BECOME that this is now a thought that even takes place within my brain…?Β I suppose it is the proof that conditioning is having the required effect, that cycling and HIIT training has opened doors to places that were previously inaccessible. It’s no bad thing…

…then new things annoy me. Ads in everything. The inability to just find what I want without having to use ad blockers or accept privacy notices. The compulsion to constantly try and sell me shit or people getting upset when I won’t buy shit is everywhere, and honestly it just makes the desire to disconnect even stronger. The answers is to shy away from anything popular or controversial.

It makes for a reassuringly quiet life.


After I’ve finished the poetry, there will be at least a week where all I do is unsubscribe from mailing lists and cancel subscriptions to newsletters.

Modern life is best lived on your terms.

No Tourists

This morning, I ache, but am surprisingly not tired. The workout pre-Blaze (now forever to be known as Jungle Gym Runaround GO) was a lot less stressful than my brain had decided it would be, having spent the best part of two months watching it from the sidelines. The 30 minutes Zwift was a bit educational too. As it’s a no weights/upper body day today, legs might do a full hour, we’ll see how things feel.

This is a lovely place to be, all told. Not stressing that my weight was up this morning, rather understanding that if you do more exercise, and eat the right things, it is muscle that is gained and not necessarily fat that’s lost. It remains annoying as fuck for the part of my brain that still feels the only notional progress is down, in the same way no red minutes yesterday felt like a step backwards. Neither are true.

I don’t need to live with a distorted view of reality any more.

There’s lots to do, and (Ironically) none of my writing goals this week are likely to be met. This is also, unsurprisingly, not the end of the world. We can fix lots of things across the weekend. Right now, what matters most is a cuppa and blogging.

Come and join me <3