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  • Filthy/Gorgeous


    Not nearly as angry today as I expected to be, but for large portions of the working portion of business it did feel as if I was being followed around by Tim Curry as IT with a rubber hammer, with which he would hit me on the head every ten minutes or so before cackling […]

  • You’re Not Alone

    You’re Not Alone

    My mate Russ is back on Social media after he went away and did his own thing. When he came back, there was a comment on how easy it was to just reintegrate into the world he’d left behind. The fact this was a surprise to him got me thinking… how you see the world […]

  • Umbrella


    You and me are gonna talk a bit more going forward, mostly because I feel I may have done you an injustice over the last six months or so. Looking back on the end of January, how optimistic I was for this year going forward and looking at now… it’s a completely different world. That’s […]

  • Late in the Evening

    https://www.instagram.com/p/B9mW1GXHaRR/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Sorry this is so late, but it was a particularly adult day. I had to go retrieve some lost kit at the gym, then spent the afternoon in the Town in Ruins (as it will now be known) for my first ever serious incursion into life as a ‘proper’ Mental health Champion. There was […]

  • Beautiful


    I am finally getting somewhere. Nope, this isn’t an exercise post. That 31 minutes of yellow zone effort was, as it happens, really not too hard to maintain. This demonstrates that there’s fitness that exists to do so, but that’s not nearly as important as the mental fortitude required to detach brain from worry and […]

  • Occupy Your Mind

    Occupy Your Mind

    This morning, I had an anxiety attack, which would not normally have been an issue, were the house not full of teenagers from my son’s LAN Party the night before. However, everything was just fine. It is undoubtedly true, as has been pointed out to me by family and friends, that it is getting easier to […]

  • Slow Hand

    Slow Hand

    Today is a Bank Holiday, and I’ve spent my time not writing. Back to it tomorrow.

  • Busy Doing Nothing

    I got drunk last night. I cycled for an hour on a static bike today. I’m having fajitas for Dinner. I hope your run up to Christmas has been as awesome as mine has.

  • Angels


    Today is one of those glorious November Sunday’s where the light’s perfect and air is cold enough to snatch breath from your lungs, and where I’m currently walking around dressed for July on the top half of my body. The Menopause, everybody, which decides that on the coldest day of the year so far the […]

  • Somebody Told Me

    Somebody Told Me

    Today is a catch-up day for a lot of outstanding work. I’m already behind, but not enough to derail a run at the Gym. I can prioritise pretty well of late. I’m also in no need to rant, expound or even rage. Today, I am calm, happy and well rested. So, once my son gets […]