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  • Oxford Comma

    I’ve still not decided what to write this year. I’m taking a day off from everything, therefore, to try and work out what is happening. Also, this gives me a day to finally kick the arse of this cold. I’ll see you tomorrow <3

  • Rain


    Something significant has happened this week. I decided not to enter a poetry mentorship. Even though I’m writing it, and will continue to do so, I don’t feel this is something that would benefit being focused on right now. In all honestly, it is time for storytelling and to experiment with that. Also, confession time; I’m […]

  • Get Off

    Get Off

    I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but I can now state I’m loving the mountain bike. The thing about exercise is that it is addictive, but not in a way I’d recognise from previous flirtations with obsession. Yesterday was a glorious Sunday afternoon, out on the 2012 Olympic Mountain-biking track built just down the […]

  • Audacity of Huge

    Audacity of Huge

    This morning I was reminded of how Twitter, like it or not, is just as manipulative as all other forms of social media. That’s not the fault of the platform, has very little if anything to do with the people who use it. What the above graphic reminds me is that how we as individuals […]

  • Changes


    I’d considered changing my icon for the site in anticipation of the IoW event, but on reflection the flowers are quite joyous. The simplicity of this layout is what I need right now, when everything else around will have formal structures and planning. There is not enough of that in my life, I realise. That’s […]

  • Surrender


    This week, there have been mood swings. Huge honking changes of happiness and confidence, that resulted in me shouting at the entire family yesterday and then making sure I went and apologised to everyone, before ending up hiding in a corner. I’ve not managed more than six hours sleep a night since Sunday, and waking up at 5am […]

  • The Numbers

    The Numbers

    Today was the last massage with my lovely sweet student chiropractor/masseuse, who’s off now to have a better paid job in Brighton. I will really miss her ability to make my body feel better, and it makes me think that I should seek out some chiropractic care locally going forward. I also spent two hours […]

  • The Test

    The Test

    I had a lovely day out yesterday, in which a lot of truths were revealed about my progress in the last year. It seems largely appropriate therefore to list these for future reference. The biggest single obstacle to Progress is yourself. If you want something badly enough, you can make it happen. I had a cracking […]

  • Quiet Life

    Quiet Life

    Been playing That Computer Game all day, done nothing strenuous in an attempt to allow body to recover a bit. Normal service resumes tomorrow.