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  • The Last Time

    The Last Time

    Things Alt has Learnt This Week Hangry is most definitely a Thing. I’d like to apologise to my family, who undoubtedly faced the brunt of this last night. IT IS TIME pic.twitter.com/ahpKErIpbk — 🌊 Sarah Creates : Shonky Gubbins 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) May 25, 2018 In the end, I didn’t have that burger, I went for […]

  • I Don’t Care

    I Don’t Care

    That’s a lie. I care far too much. It’s a big part of the problem. Turning off that intense desire to worry about everything is exhausting. However, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been asked to reassess everything that mattered. Not because that was a choice, you must understand, but because circumstance forced it […]

  • Goodbye


    The first time I saw an Apple Computer was the 1980’s: the new vinyl cutting machine that my mother had bought to start a home business was run by a IIe, so that makes it 1984 by the Internet’s unerring reckoning. Ever since, there’s been one in our house or in my handbag. I took […]

  • Grey Day

    Grey Day

    I don’t do ill particularly well, and yesterday was a case in point. I struggled through at least getting to the Gym before it dawned on me that if I pushed myself I’d probably go back weeks, and so came home again. I hauled myself to a Shopping Centre so my son and daughter could […]

  • Sunrise


    Today was supposed to be the first week of a concerted push into lots of new stuff, until it became apparent both kids aren’t back at school until tomorrow. I’ll be with you on Tuesday :P