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  • Boom Boom

    Boom Boom

    It is always the unexpected that cripples me mentally. However well-prepared you think you are, it’s when summat you’d not provisioned for turns up and pole-axes the plan that confidence and belief take a hit. Of course there is benefit in vulnerability and honesty, but only if they serve as learning tools. This is my […]

  • Fields of Gold

    YES THAT WAS AWESOME o/ pic.twitter.com/1K9qJu6i36 — 🗿 Sarah Reeson 📝 Writer/Content Creator 🗿 (@MoveablePress) May 15, 2019 When I finally slept, at about 5am, it became apparent that things are really beginning to change. I made some changes on Sunday, knowing that life needed a poke. Counselling has pushed some things into view that […]