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  • Hey Ya!

    Hey Ya!

    Lots of stuff to do tomorrow: plans for big blog posts, catch-up on backlog but crucially there will be very little writing, because I have promised my daughter her bedroom gets decorated. So, that is priority over everything else. I need to be done by the weekend so we can get new flooring fitted, and […]

  • Morning Has Broken

    Morning Has Broken

    I was quite tired last night, and after nearly 10 hours kip, things have considerably improved. Now, in a quiet moment between bursts of chaos out of my control, it is time to think. There’s gonna be a trip to the Gym shortly before I’m on taxi standby for the rest of the day. Husband’s […]

  • Respect


    My thought train begins today with this Tweet: Wow, am I seeing a lot of "This movie does not reflect my personal experience and is therefore invalid." It's art, not a mirror with vanity lighting. EXTEND YOURSELF. — Mark Harris (@MarkHarrisNYC) December 27, 2017 It is the first time that the idea of ‘social media […]

  • The Best Thing

    The Best Thing

    ‘There will come a moment,’ my PT told me, quite early on in training, ‘when your body will start telling you things. Maybe it will be a pain that’s not normal, or a reaction to an exercise that you don’t like. When this happens, you need to learn to listen, and act appropriately.’ Yesterday afternoon […]

  • Future Boy

    Future Boy

    This message is bought to you by scheduling: written in the past, but delivered to you in the present. It is the first stage of my plan to make writing happen at different times of the day to suit my needs. This is the acceptance that if I want everything to work in my life, […]

  • The Politics of Dancing

    The Politics of Dancing

    There’s a temptation to just spill the beans completely on my future plans, as I’m totally useless at suspense or keeping secrets, but because I understand that people get interest by drip-feeding information, it is time to say just this. The URL  internetofwords.com now points at my writing site. It’s a play on words (unsurprisingly) […]

  • One Life Stand

    One Life Stand

    I have had enough. I’ve been quietly removing increasing numbers of items out of the house via the Minimalism Game’s T&C’s: getting to 18 things today was a bit of an epiphany moment. There is so much in this house that is not mine to claim ownership over, after all. I am but one quarter […]

  • Confusion the Waitress

    Confusion the Waitress

    Monday, it must be said, seems a very long way away. It didn’t help this week that I’ve not had a regular PT session, that my son spent Monday and Tuesday at home, that I spoke to a Therapist on Wednesday and yesterday went outside for longer on my own than I have been for […]

  • Hard Times

    Hard Times

    Part of my planning for this week is knowing I want a lot more organisation generally in what I do. That means thinking about headers and artwork, and providing myself with a long-term supply of images that can do this but not fall foul of copyright. Mostly, I want to take more pictures, and with […]