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  • Utopia


    The second cuppa will accompany this morning's personal blog. — 🌗 Sarah Reeson 🌕 Precarious Epithet 🌓 (@MoveablePress) March 23, 2020 This is how the game works. Carrying on as normal is not possible with many things. However, for me at home, the routine is what defines a very fine line between coping and floundering. […]

  • Yesterday’s Men

    Yesterday’s Men

    It's amazing to look back on old work: this was once the pinnacle of my ability. Now, it's just asking to be ripped apart and stitched back together. Better make a new folder for this stuff. — 🌳 Sarah Reeson 🍀 Exposed Frailties 🌳 (@MoveablePress) March 2, 2020 I was rejected yesterday, twice. Normally, this […]

  • Order from Chaos

    Order from Chaos

    I need to make some graphics, but I think I am allowed first to have a cuppa, stare into the middle distance and feel VERY pleased with my achievements so far today. pic.twitter.com/3wahw4F7VK — 🌳 Sarah Reeson 🍀 Exposed Frailties 🌳 (@MoveablePress) February 29, 2020 I went to be last night exhausted. There’s been no […]

  • Everyone’s a Winner

    Everyone’s a Winner

    Sunday. Ah yes, time for getting next week ready and if that’s done well enough, maybe there’ll be a moment left over to fuck about with something for myself. Next year WILL BE THE ONE where I start doing art and shit for relaxation: having accepted my drawing is restricted to high-quality doodling and not much […]

  • Flawless


    Before I went to bed last night, tea cups were put out for the morning, bags already inside: chai for youngest, breakfast blend for me. A protein shake got made and refrigerated. These are simple tasks that, for the last month, weren’t doable. Not enough space in my brain existed in order to plan that far ahead. […]

  • A Whole New World

    A Whole New World

    I put a lot of stock on my fitness devices and the result they provide, but today’s post is a reminder that sometimes, numbers are not the whole story: 59% effort looks, on reflection, like I didn’t try. In this case, nothing is further from the truth. What those numbers don’t show is how long I […]

  • Bang Bang :: Day 1

    Bang Bang :: Day 1

    I slept. It wasn’t great, but with arm on a pillow, it was doable. I was up at 6.30 and everybody made it out, and after that, there were two hours extra kip. I’m taking paracetamol, nothing stronger. There’s a bag of frozen onions doing sterling work as an icepack in 30-minute bursts, and the swelling is […]

  • Hit Me with your Rhythm Stick

    Hit Me with your Rhythm Stick

    Things that I have learnt from the last week include the following: White bread is now The Enemy. No more sneaky nicking a pretzel anymore for lunch. If I want poached eggs, granary only. I don’t care if your brain screams nostalgia, having lost my gallbladder now means body bloats like it is a balloon full […]

  • This is My Church

    This is My Church

    @GoZwift That feeling when your other half is 50km into her ride on the big screen while you’re still waiting for Windows to update on the laptop! #loveis pic.twitter.com/c1fFwBEcFJ — David Reeson (@thatdavereeson) February 25, 2018 This morning, whilst the rest of my house slept, I was up and in training kit. Walking home from the […]

  • Closing Time

    Closing Time

    Putting on my leggings this morning, I had a back spasm. I know a guy who had weeks of painful repercussion simply from picking up his daughter, another who turned his head suddenly and slipped a neck disk. Sometimes, however careful you are, this shit just happens. I’ve ingested the standard painkillers, will take it easy […]