Lady December

I’m still suffering oral pain. Two weeks after the original tooth filling, this is now about what was, in the words of the dentist, a ‘very large hole’ in my mouth. Emergency dentistry has been secured, new painkillers bought. I’m getting quite good at dealing with this shit, and honestly there was a part of me that was prepared for this going south, considering how much pain that filling first caused.

We have a new thermometer now, so I can confirm that feeling hot isn’t just a menopausal thing. There are more drugs in the house too. Sure, sometimes you can’t predict what will happen, but for all the other times… you can be better prepared. Of course you can. That’s where things have fallen down previously, but not any more. I’m all over this. Things get fixed, sorted, then stay that way.

Yoga’s gonna start again in this room, ten minutes a day. It will help to get my brain in a better place, and with body flexibility. There needs to be variation and not just pushing hard physically. To recover properly going forward, the balance will require some adjustment, so we’ll start here and see if everything else can be fitted around the idea of little and often.

Right now, however, I could murder a cuppa.


I’m sorry to keep going on about this but FUCK ME MY TEETH ARE PISSING ME OFF. It isn’t the one that they filled that is the problem right now, it is everything else in my mouth that has now become hyper sensitised as a result of the nerve damage. The dentist did give me this as the worst case scenario: if it’s too painful, they either have to take the root out or remove the tooth completely and right now?

I don’t care what you do just make the pain stop.

If painkillers are taken, it does go away. The problem is, I don’t want to be mainlining paracetamol long term, and trying to live without them for extended periods of time has variable results. Right now, for the first time today, the offending tooth is what hurts. It’s a dull ache at jawbone level, which is undoubtedly less pain than existed on Tuesday. It has only been four days, after all, and I am sleeping.

Who knew time was running so slowly this soon before Christmas?

Oh fuck this, I’m taking painkillers.