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  • Sabotage


    This is the only blog I’ll write today: I should have done something on Wednesday but, to be honest, this week has gotten away from me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been immense, but simultaneously anger-inducing. All this will pass, as is always the case, and we’ll be back on the shit from Monday… I […]

  • Atomic


    My brain’s reconstituting itself, right now. Inside this head, behind sore hay fevered eyes, neural pathways appear to be healing. That might not be the right word, on reflection: it isn’t like memories are reappearing that are a surprise. All of this was there before. The problem here is that they’d been very much forgotten. […]

  • New Life

    New Life

    I’m sitting here having breakfast, after seeing Mr Alt off on the inaugural Velo Birmingham. This is just another race to my husband, but for me it has become a powerful metaphor, and only this morning have I fully grasped the significance. When Dave was diagnosed with Type Two Diabetes, it was a wake up […]

  • Saturday


    I know, instinctively, that the days of not pushing myself are over. The moments when I’d rather just curl up with a duvet and a good book, especially after a poor night’s sleep, are over (at least for now.) Lying awake at 3am this morning, in the midst of a hot flush that was so […]

  • Consider Her Ways

    Consider Her Ways

    Normally my blog posts are named after songs. Today, I’m taking a book, one that was particularly significant in my youth. I remember being astounded by the main story in John Wyndham’s anthology and it having a profound effect for weeks after reading: I can’t really tell you anything about it either, because by doing […]

  • Size of a Cow

    Size of a Cow

    This is the story of how I FINALLY lost 10 pounds and moved my exercise journey forwards. This week, the scales shifted down for the first time in quite some weeks. Fitbit has only recently started registering and tracking weight loss, it never existed when I first signed up. However now, I can see how […]

  • The Sound of Silence

    The Sound of Silence

    Occasionally, I’ll end up in a situation with the kids where I’m forced to make a difficult decision. Inevitably, this will boil down to their word against mine in any given scenario: you were asked to do X, why are we at Y? Once upon a time I’d attempt to assert a measure of authority to […]

  • The Big Sky

    The Big Sky

    It was ‘Back to Work’ Day for me at the Gym this morning, and I walked both to and from the site despite slippery pavements and just above freezing temperatures. Once upon a time I could use a footbridge across the main road I need to cross but the Council in their wisdom have taken […]

  • Faith


    This is my last major Objective for 2016. I’m not talking about the second definition: sorry, those out there hoping for a quick Convert, it’s been tried before, and they failed. It’s not that I don’t possess belief, or confidence, because if I didn’t the health thing would be simply a possibility and not a […]

  • Did It Again

    Did It Again

    #50Kin50Days, Day One: 1k. Didn’t break any records, but wasn’t trying, but by the end of the six and a bit kilometres I completed I was running at my ‘normal’ PB time, and my body was not screaming at me to stop PLEASE I CANNAE TAKE IT. In fact, both glutes and calves are impressively sanguine at the […]