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  • Musclebound


    Occasionally, something happens out of the blue that changes your outlook. I had to go to bed early last night because everything hurt. My PT session was fairly brutal (as mentioned in passing yesterday) but by late evening my shoulders were screaming. I used a lavender shoulder wrap to try and relax, and whilst in […]

  • Goodbye


    About 15 minutes ago, I deleted my personal Twitter account for good. It was, ultimately, a lie: I don’t need a second spot in which to post things that are effectively just a repetition of what happens elsewhere. Everyone who cares enough should by now know where I exist and will choose to follow me […]

  • Games without Frontiers

    Games without Frontiers

    I made the effort this morning to walk to town. I’ll grant you, there may have been some Pokemon-related activities on the way, but the main reason why I went was to get a haircut. The last time anybody did anything to my hair was eighteen months ago. That’s probably going to send shock waves […]

  • If This is It

    If This is It

    Some days, I realise I’m not like other grown ups. Today was the last day my daughter attends a Primary School. This now involves parents grabbing pictures and ‘networking’ in an attempt to ‘keep in touch’ as their kids move on. Now, undoubtedly if my husband had been here he wouldn’t have sat quietly away from […]

  • Hole in My Shoe

    Hole in My Shoe

    Apart from alcohol, I’ve never taken drugs. The closest I’ve come to losing the plot was as a child, amazingly, when an excess of gas and air did very strange things to my system for several days after dentistry. All the times I’ve ever had to write about being drugged, I’ve done extensive research, but that’s […]

  • Secret Messages

    Secret Messages

    I talk to a lot of people on any given day. I’m friends with only a handful, but people trust a surprising amount of personal information to pretty much total strangers. It amazes what others will grant access to, despite being uncomfortable with the freedoms or otherwise afforded via Social Media. As a writer this […]

  • Cry


    I’m not sure I can write down all of the stuff in my head right now, but I must. Today, more than any other, demands that my voice be heard. I am not the Problem, You are. Sometimes, complaints on the Internet have merit. Offending people isn’t a knee jerk reactionary moment, it is truth, because […]

  • Let’s Get Physical

    Let’s Get Physical

    Number of Pull Ups I can do (with resistance band) = Three Have you ever dead lifted in a Gym? YES Have you ever bench pressed in a Gym? YES Do you know how to run properly? NO That was my PT day, in a nutshell. It transpires that my gait is all wrong, I’m […]

  • No More Tears (Enough is Enough)

    No More Tears (Enough is Enough)

    Yesterday I had to take a day off to think. Normally I’d consider the issues of the previous 24 hours and write about them, but there was so much fucking wankery to deal with, that became largely impractical. More importantly, I got a very significant and desperately sad reality check. Sometimes, none of this online stuff matters one jot: […]

  • Come Outside

    Come Outside

    This header’s the first of my new ‘Nature’ set that I’ll be completing today. I’ve realised I need to put aside probably a whole day in order to sort out the chaos that are my image folders and to ensure that WordPress has all the stuff I want uploaded and none of the duplicate crap […]