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  • In My Head

    In My Head

    One of the many games people like to play on the Internet is ‘Why’dDeyDoDat?’ This involves looking at why a celebrity makes a decision, and then attempting to insert themselves into that person’s head-space as a means to rationalise their thinking. It’s the game an entire family can play, it’s often capable of running for […]

  • She Used to be Mine

    She Used to be Mine

    Today in the UK is Mother’s Day. I know this because Facebook reminded me, and now I want to punch things. This I object to, so much it is frustrating: a specific day a year being dedicated to Mothers, that greeting card companies and marketers pick this point to sell 24 hours where you’re *supposed* to […]

  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    Welcome to February 29th, a day that only exists once every four years. There is something magical about an experience that only comes around once in a while, it occurs to me. I woke up full of determination to make this as productive a time as possible, so I can say the extra 24 hours I […]

  • This is the Day

    This is the Day

    Today would have been the day I failed and went backwards. Instead, this is the day I realise that actually, there is nothing to be gained by beating myself into a pulp every time I lose control of events. That’s just how life is: you deal with it, then you move on. This is the […]

  • The Ninth Wave

    The Ninth Wave

    GENUINE WARNING: This post is going to make many of you uncomfortable. It’s explicitly about the issues I’m experiencing with the Menopause, and is worth repeating only for the fact that I never realised just how horrendous it was going to be. BE AWARE THEREFORE, there is massive squick ahead. If it wasn’t bad enough that […]

  • Comfortably Numb

    Comfortably Numb

    Sometimes, all you see is darkness. If you’ve never suffered from depression, I don’t expect you to grasp just how dark the lightest of situations can become. You have to experience the terror for yourself, that horrendous feeling when you close your eyes and reality stretches away, out of your reach. I always used to […]

  • Here With Me

    Here With Me

    Yesterday’s trip into London was as glorious as I hoped it would be, and then some. The benefit of not getting out much, undoubtedly, is the sheer joy of being somewhere you’ve been imagining for a while and it being far, far better than you’d hoped for. In my case, that was the V&A, which […]

  • The Old Songs

    The Old Songs

    I am noticing a distinct diversion in my social medias of late. It could well be I am the Grumpy Old Woman in this equation, and as the young man says above, just because you’ve been around since the dawn of Mankind does not give you carte blanche to tell the world what they can […]