The Golden Path

Day 5: I will be weighing in shortly. I’m going to the Gym specifically to do this, which might seem a tad obsessive, but when you realise how much more accurate the biometric scale is? It is a vast improvement on what used to be the better electronic scales we have here. I should look at whether they’ve improved the Aria or not over the last few years, I suppose, but the non-consumer in me just wants the old one to become useless first.

This week, I have learnt some important lessons. In no particular order:


If you Life is Online, Real Friends will be too…

It is clear lots of you don’t use Social media in the particular manner I do. HOWEVER, both my best mates understand that it is the go-to medium for communication. They go out of their way to help promote what I do. They are the best support and cheer-leading squad a girl could ever ask for. This also fairly savagely exposes those who aren’t paying attention, despite being happy to use the medium for their own self-promotion. I see you, and find your lack of support largely predictable. You need to try harder in 2019. I’m watching.


Mental Health Matters…

Those lame jokes at the expense of other people’s mental health are just that. Self depreciation is a tough cycle to break, but if I’m capable of defeating that temptation, pretty much all the rest of you have the means within to do the same. Except, of course, it’s never that easy when you challenge someone directly. It really is, you know. Fear is the mind killer. That’s also something there’s a wealth of personal experience to fall back on. I’m too old to play this game. Treat yourself better, and don’t use shortcomings as entertainment.

Self Promotion is Perfectly Valid, if Done Well…

I’m not going out of my way for the perfect Instagram shot, fuck that for a game of soldiers. Pictures, words and projects are designed not to fit into someone else’s idea of optimal self promotion, but my version of enjoyment. I watch too many people thinking that all that matters is that huge number of likes and retweets. Fuck that too. This is not about conforming to a business plan. It is my creativity, above all else. Promote yourself with realism and integrity, or please don’t bother.

You’ve been warned.

The Politics of Dancing

There’s a temptation to just spill the beans completely on my future plans, as I’m totally useless at suspense or keeping secrets, but because I understand that people get interest by drip-feeding information, it is time to say just this. The URL now points at my writing site. It’s a play on words (unsurprisingly) from the Internet of Things:


I decided that, if I’m going to explore all aspects of how language online works, why communication has transformed our lives via social media plus all points in between, then the Internet of Words would be a great umbrella title for all of these ideas and more, including my own writing on the subject. That means my noun needs a definition:

‘The interconnection via the Internet of thoughts, ideas and writing styles embedded in social media, blogs, mobile apps and web pages, enabling new forms of communication.’

I realise this is going to get a bit cerebral for some people, but the plan in the first instance is to stick with simplicity and to explore what already exists on ‘paper’ and ‘online’ as a starting point. It also means I can include my own writing work legitimately as part of the project, as I’ll be using the Internet as marketing and advertising combined. It seems really rather lofty at Ground Zero, but I really hope I can make it both engaging and interesting at the same time. Only time will tell, I suppose, but I am insanely excited at the possibilities thus far.


It also allows me to offer merchandise as tier rewards, but to do that I’m going to need a logo. The irony last night of me announcing this need was being followed by a number of Twitter bots offering design services, which is how life works around this parish. I think I’d like to do something myself with type and a simple graphic element, and I’ll be taking the weekend to looking for suitable fonts, that will also translate onto the webspace. I don’t want to spend money on things I can do myself if possible either, because I’m quite a frugal soul when it comes down to it. Mostly, the look of my project does matter a great deal, but not nearly as much as the content :D

There’s a lot to think about, but this I feel is a solid start.