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  • Airbag


    This is the most significant thing I have done for myself in quite some time. It’s more important than my first book launch yesterday, and I do not state that lightly. Having the space not just to breathe but step back and consider things is crucial at this stage of my progression. There needs to […]

  • Friday


    We made it to Friday again. WELL DONE EVERYBODY. There is major upheaval coming, and I am ready. In every life there must be change, after all, and at least by knowing well in advance there is no excuse to go into things unprepared. It will require some serious organizational acumen too. I reckon I’m […]

  • Up


    Number of days since Chocolate = 0 That'll do. pic.twitter.com/r2TDtq35Xt — 🌊 Sarah 📝 Redefined Metrics 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) January 19, 2019 If I eat chocolate pistachio cake with a Bestie in London on a Saturday, there is inevitably a way built in to negate those calories. In this case, it was doing all the stairs […]

  • The Golden Path

    The Golden Path

    Day 5: I will be weighing in shortly. I’m going to the Gym specifically to do this, which might seem a tad obsessive, but when you realise how much more accurate the biometric scale is? It is a vast improvement on what used to be the better electronic scales we have here. I should look […]

  • Change


    It may not look like it, but today is very much significantly more different than it was yesterday. OH YES REALLY LOOK things are being done differently as here I sit, with a full-on thunderstorm raging above me. It’s quite relaxing, as it goes, but knocks on the head a walk that was planned to the Gym. […]

  • The End

    The End

    Today is the end of a significant portion of my exercise ‘life’ as my long-standing PT leaves the sector completely for pastures new. It’s been interesting watching how other people have reacted to this departure: some have angrily blamed her for ruining their lives by leaving, others have demonstrated quite frightening levels of passive-aggressive resistance. […]

  • New York Minute

    New York Minute

    This time last year, family were waiting at Heathrow to cross the Atlantic. How much has changed since that point, I realise, looking back to ten days in the Big Apple. In some ways it is seismic: staring at my body, grasping how far things have shifted. However, undoubtedly the bigger change has been mentally. […]