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  • It’s a Mystery

    It’s a Mystery

    At least one person has failed to recognize me this morning with the new hair. That’s an unexpected surprise. It also takes about two minutes to dry now, which has freed up a fair bit of time for other things. All in all, not a bad turn of events. I have another project at present, […]

  • Simply The Best

    Simply The Best

    Life is best, at least for me, when nothing of any real interest is taking place. I realised yesterday that, given the choice, excitement can be someone else’s job. In the general scheme of things, glam and bling and beauty and celebration are better experienced on your own, very specific terms. Being in lockdown has […]

  • Becoming More Like Alfie

    Becoming More Like Alfie

    Yesterday was a triumph of form over function. Who thought that a prose piece would cause so much damage, and that defending other people would be used as a means to attack my position. It is indeed all fun and games until someone’s ego is damaged and then all you have is memories and a […]

  • Timebomb Zone

    Day 4: Wow, that’s a two hours I never want to repeat again. I’m utterly with Duncan Jones: kids are hard work. I know, they didn’t ask to be born and you were the one who make the choice [and therefore accept the responsibility], but BOY some days is it tough. Anxiety-producing, pain inflicting, nerve shreddingly […]

  • Today


    Those of you who can just be happy without having to work at it are the luckiest people on the Planet. Just so you know. — 🌊 Sarah, Decking the Halls FaLaLaLaLa LaLaLaLa🌊 (@AlternativeChat) November 30, 2017 This was always going to be a tough week, because of the amount of interaction that had to […]

  • Let’s Get Physical

    Let’s Get Physical

    Number of Pull Ups I can do (with resistance band) = Three Have you ever dead lifted in a Gym? YES Have you ever bench pressed in a Gym? YES Do you know how to run properly? NO That was my PT day, in a nutshell. It transpires that my gait is all wrong, I’m […]