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  • Patience


    For the longest time, all I have ever done is move my life around. The same shit, identical groups of things, rearranged from place to place without a goal. Two days ago, all that changed. Some would have waited for a new year in order to triumph this as some glorious, orchestrated start, but I’m […]

  • Breathe


    Today, the air quality is shocking, and I am all about the long game. I was up early and took my turn. The result is pretty good, I think: Everything right now has a mental health slant. It’s a good means by which I can act as a decent ally to those whose voices continue […]

  • Get Down

    Get Down

    Bloody hell, that cuppa. pic.twitter.com/MoDKlvSqiO — 🌍 Sarah Reeson : #BetterContent 🌏 (@MoveablePress) April 27, 2020 This is already a better day than the last couple: mostly because everybody slept, nobody projectile vomited anywhere and I wasn’t required to be an adult at 3am. I’m not capable or indeed competent without a decent night’s kip. […]