Empty in the End

Yeah, it’s the weekend. Son was up before we were, off to London for the day with a camera. He’s really getting into photography, which pleases me greatly. Recording your existence is an important part of becoming an adult, and with the current obsession with images and reality? It is interesting to see what he will come up with. I had to get him to identify who was in this Nike video… I mean, I got Gareth Southgate and Rio Ferdinand and Harry Kane but the rest are people he can name without thinking. This tells me that Nike grasps the significance not only of their audience but the point of selling directly at them.

What is most pleasing in this video are the number of sportswomen involved. I’m also quite pleased to see a posh, white boy included as part of the demographic. It is the kind of nod to the real definition of diversity that many advertisers would ignore for an opportunity to highlight another reality. The white guy matters rather a lot in Nike’s world, after all. However, if you wanted to make an advert as an accurate representation of London, this is as close to perfect in my mind as you are likely to get, even down to the Year Seven schoolkid and his ridiculously large backpack.


Some days, I feel a bit slow when it comes to what counts as ‘current’ because, undoubtedly, that is not what I am. I annoyed the Hell out of my son this morning by referring to him as ‘fam’, but his musical tastes are already affecting what I write and how I react to the World around me. I wonder if he realises that he’s altered what I am.

Maybe I should take the opportunity once he gets home from his day out to tell him.

Turn, Turn, Turn

I have to say, I’ve not looked forward to a weekend for quite some time as much as I have this one. For the last five days, without fail, there’s been at least 30 minutes of continuous exercise in some form. I’ve also taken the biggest and most significant step forward in personal development for probably close to a decade. Both mentally and physically last night I was exhausted, but I stayed up to finish a blog post I’d said would be available on Friday, and it was. It doesn’t help either that I’ve been hot flushing between six to eight times a day and when my head hit the pillow, I had no time to worry or think. I was out cold, and woke up six and a bit hours later.


That’s the best night’s sleep I can remember for several weeks, right there. This morning I could just turn over and go back to sleep without the worry of missing an alarm or getting kids ready for school, and next week is the last one before the Easter break. If it wasn’t already obvious, everything could do with a rest, and the two weeks we have coming up is going to be very gratefully received. Now, sitting here and writing, there’s lots to consider and this is probably the most exciting time in terms of progress since I swapped over all my blogs to one home. I am genuinely excited for what progress means, and how I can now become effectively the arbiter of this next part of my journey.


I’d not expected much from my paid adventure into boosting posts, I’ll grant you, but Monday’s Experiment post is going to be a corker. When you grasp what is being paid for isn’t the guarantee that your work will be read, but simply the possibility of an audience, then you’re forced into upping your game in order to try and secure more long-term interest. Right now, that does seem to be happening. It is slow, I’ll grant you, but the take up most definitely is there, and it isn’t from what was traditionally my ‘main’ audience. For more on this, and the other changes I’m seeing as a result of this, watch the other blogs as time goes on.


On the personal side of things, I need to start doing some more general posts for Vocal next week and boost them, and work out if I can realistically finish the stuff I planned to start in January. However now, as it is such a lovely day outside, it is time to strap on a rucksack and buy some tasty, simple food for the weekend. I have an urge for a mozzarella and cherry tomato salad, and my daughter fancied fresh baked bread. I can do all this, and stick in some elevated heart rate in the process, before I finish chores and go do weights at the Gym. My life is pretty damn awesome right now, and it is important to make the most of every day.

Little Things

There are few things in life that make me happier than a bacon sandwich on still warm granary bread, with just the hint of tomato ketchup to bring the whole experience alive. It’s the weekend and I’ve been up since 6am, because the eldest returned from a week away skiing and I’d not realised just how much I missed him being away. I’m now the only one awake in the house and although I may hanker for an extra hour’s sleep, the amount of work I’ve been able to complete since the early start makes me realise that sometimes I ought to do this as a default and not simply through necessity.

It’s been an interesting 24 hours, all told, and when someone randomly informs you that you’re an inspiration to them, it’s always the right moment to stop and take a step backwards. I think a lot of people forget the fact that how they see themselves is often vastly different to the view the rest of the world has, and constantly re-assessing where you stand is never a bad idea. If anything, this gives you a chance to stop and think about WHY things are happening, not simply allowing stuff to happen without some kind of say as to how. Yesterday, for instance, was a lot about trust and understanding. It was also small steps, gradual progress, rather than getting everything done all at once. Mostly however yesterday was asking for what I wanted, and not being surprised when it happened, but enjoying the consequences.

It’s amazing what’s possible when you just relax and let the world just get on with it.


I also sense change in the air, which is okay, because Spring is coming, and that means clearing out old and letting in the new. I’m good with change now, it’s becoming increasingly easy to let the World evolve around me. Of course, I get to do that too, but my pace of progress isn’t nearly as dynamic as everybody else’s.

Time to get on with the day.