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    That, up there, is my 9th donation, which means in 16 weeks time (or thereabouts) I will have earned my first badge. That’s not why I came here, I should add, it’s only the gamer in me that craves these trinkets: a physical reminder of what has been given in return for that elusive, ephemeral […]

  • Tour de France

    Tour de France

    That was the most horrible experience for quite some time, but it is fun 👍 pic.twitter.com/KQvW8Ef14A — 🌊 Sarah 📝 Shonky Gubbins 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) July 22, 2018 If you zoom in on that snap above, you’ll see the date on my acknowledgement is 2017. The organisers were giving out last year’s certificates at the finish. I […]

  • Insomnia


    I’d like to moan this morning about the Menopause, if I may. I’d like a DECENT NIGHT’S sleep, please. I am either far too hot or enormously cold at present, and if those hot spells correspond with me being in bed? I just can’t get comfortable. Most nights this is work-aroundable, but as currently, I have […]