Rip It Up

The Patreon’s been running for a month, and I already think it is time to rearrange a few things. One of the biggest issues last time this project was undertaken was not really thinking through what worked (and didn’t) as I went along, which ended up causing me stress in the long term. This is different, however: after a lot of effort, there are copious notes being made. I know what’s possible this time around.

Therefore today, after the scheduled content is prepared for delivery and I’ve thrown some abuse at my video editing programme (again) there will be discussion, with my Patrons, of a new set of ‘stretch’ goals. Going forward, I know already that at least one of my goals is unrealistic, looking at the amount of time it has taken to produce content in the first place.

Time to be sensible and not destroy this new momentum.

PE Vol 1 Issue 1_ Imaginer of Worlds (2)

I’ve ended up adding some stuff to the first ‘proper’ PE rather than taking anything away or sticking with a LANzine that felt ‘light’ on content. Every page has a purpose, which was the point of all this in the first place. Whether I can garner any new patrons on the back of it is yet to be seen, but I don’t feel it’s unrealistic to maybe pick up someone new this month as a result. The poof of the pudding, as they say…

That means I really shouldn’t be here at all, but with another hat on, in another virtual department of my burgeoning Digital Empire…

Love Hurts

I fucking HATE the dentists. This is on the list of ‘historical trauma’ events: rotten teeth came out when I was probably four or five, the resultant nightmares have never gone away. It’s a good indicator of being in a high-stress situation when that particular subconscious moment resurfaces, reminder this has to be fixed with everything else. I have the first appointment on Monday next week to get it over with.

The dentist, more than aware that I have issues, was kind enough to front-load the warning that went with this: there may be more work. If there’s too much sensitivity post filling, it’s a root canal. Knowing everything possible is, of course, by far the best way to deal with a situation. It is undoubtedly the unexpected that causes more stress. Maybe I will get lucky. If not, pain is unavoidable. I HATE DENTISTS.

Balance is tough. Getting shit done is hard. However, once the momentum starts, it is a foolish person who ignores opportunity.


Yes, it was only 30 minutes, but it’s a start. It’ll take about a week to readjust the legs to what’s being asked of them, but the key to this might be to start in 30 minute bursts and go from there. I’ll rearrange my Strava to accommodate this, then see where things go. I enjoy the bike, and have missed it, and it is undoubtedly all exercise to add to the total. The key will be not to overdo it. MUST STILL HAVE REST DAYS.

Time to pull out a calendar and sort that December Exercise Plan…