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  • No Surprises

    No Surprises

    Eight hours sleep is GLORIOUS. The problems don’t go away after a good night. You just have more energy and desire to solve them. 450 days of My Fitness Pal and it is only in the last two weeks that the process is bearing fruit. It is a sobering reminder that it doesn’t matter how […]

  • Ready To Go

    Ready To Go

    And so 2017 begins. I’m too old to be phased by this shit any more, and I sure as fuck know that making any sweeping promises on Day One is just asking for trouble when the month goes to double figures. Therefore, let us begin with the small and attainable goals, right here on the […]

  • Life in Tokyo

    Life in Tokyo

    I’m at the Gym, earlier today, looking at the people working on a Friday lunchtime and realising I’m the only one sweating. The women either side of me are perfect, thin specimens with co-ordinated clothing and beautiful hair and yet neither of them perspire at all. They run like mice, all scurry in the legs, yet neither […]

  • Another Spring

    Another Spring

    It went surprisingly well, over the weekend. I’d expected a lot more grief when actually, the migration of my sites has gone surprisingly smoothly. It’s now possible for me to see all three sites stats together, and have a realistic chance of being able to build some consistency between spheres of my life. Mostly, I […]