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  • It’s Grim up North

    It’s Grim up North

    Everybody, at some point in their lives, should try and read or learn about both Ethics and Philosophy. The ability to be able to critically assess every idea you’re given is a life skill that a great many people could sorely do with attaining, especially before being given the keys to a social media account. […]

  • 2000 Miles

    2000 Miles

    A lot has happened in the last week. One thing that has become apparent, and obvious, is that my ability to art is back. It’s not just the abstract, either: a desire to line draw is emerging too. We’ll see if that sticks over the next few months, but what is apparent is that the […]

  • I Love You

    I Love You

    Watching BBC Sherlock does not make you a BBC Sherlock fan. Actual BBC Sherlock fans have done the following:* Read the ACD stories* Visited London * Solved murder cases as a hobby * Silently pined over their flatmate for years * Faked their own suicide — Fin Amour (@fin__amour) January 4, 2020 If you spend […]