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  • Where Do I Begin?

    Where Do I Begin?

    Youngest had COVID, and we were worried. I’ve spent basically a month chasing Sky to get a Glass. There’s 35k of a NaNoWriMo written and a couple of fairly significant mental health wobbles negotiated. I missed writing, but I needed exercise more, mostly as the means to keep me sane. Starting tomorrow therefore, a rearrangement…

  • Extra Credit

    YES, YES I CAN. pic.twitter.com/8jpAW6ZEnx — 🗿 Sarah Reeson 🎆 Making Gubbins Shine 🗿 (@MoveablePress) September 17, 2019 Recovery is going well, thanks for asking. Important thing happening on Thursday and once that’s done, I’ll be with you again.

  • History Repeating

    History Repeating

    There is a strict policy enforced in this house. Writing about my family is off limits. There are many, sensible reasons for this, that have emerged over the last few years, and they will not alter. That means the emergency that took place on Thursday, like everything else that’s happened in the last month, gets consigned to…

  • Out of Time

    Video gaming out of my system for the foreseeable, it was awesome and much needed. Back to ‘normal’ tomorrow.

  • Busy Doing Nothing

    Can’t remember the last time I missed two days blog in a row. I’m fine, just needed decompression time: Friday there was just nothing doing at all in my head, and yesterday it was more important to sort domestic shiz, plus I was able to get a Special Bonus PT session in before my trainer…