History Repeating

There is a strict policy enforced in this house. Writing about my family is off limits. There are many, sensible reasons for this, that have emerged over the last few years, and they will not alter. That means the emergency that took place on Thursday, like everything else that’s happened in the last month, gets consigned to history as quickly as is humanly possible.

Needless to say, this is another thing I never, ever want to have to go through again.


I’m getting better though, that much is apparent.


However, crucially there is only an intermittent voice and still far too much coughing to be normal and so, like it or not, I will drag my sorry arse back to the Doctors tomorrow.

There will also be poetry submitted before a deadline. That’s progress.

Busy Doing Nothing

Can’t remember the last time I missed two days blog in a row. I’m fine, just needed decompression time: Friday there was just nothing doing at all in my head, and yesterday it was more important to sort domestic shiz, plus I was able to get a Special Bonus PT session in before my trainer disappears for a break.

Today, my daughter is going to teach me how to play Terraria, I have to mastic things, and there will be a very long walk. Poetry and work generally will be put on hold until Tuesday, as tomorrow is me sorting out a submission for an award. After that it’s full speed ahead with the project, which as yet doesn’t have a place to be uploaded to.

Once the Places of Poetry website goes live, everything will step up a gear.


Mother in Law’s funeral is set for June 13th, day before my son’s last A level. That’s a discussion for some point next week, and not now. Now is about just decompressing after a fairly long period of emotional pressure, and focusing on what really matters most, which is each other. The wake will be in the Church Hall, and I suspect will be very well attended.

Right, let’s get going.