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  • Where Do I Begin?

    Where Do I Begin?

    Youngest had COVID, and we were worried. I’ve spent basically a month chasing Sky to get a Glass. There’s 35k of a NaNoWriMo written and a couple of fairly significant mental health wobbles negotiated. I missed writing, but I needed exercise more, mostly as the means to keep me sane. Starting tomorrow therefore, a rearrangement…

  • dark tree

    dark tree

    NEW PB RAR pic.twitter.com/KQFP2bqmYf — 🌍 Sarah Reeson : #BetterContent 🌏 (@MoveablePress) May 5, 2020 The funny thing about this, undoubtedly was that I wasn’t even trying. I also hadn’t completed the course since the changes to Zwift’s UI that allows me a huge glob of XP when doing so, which was the unexpected bonus…