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  • Stupid Girl

    Stupid Girl

    Some arguments are just not worth your time. I know someone shoved that video or think piece into your timeline as a gag, or just to show how other people are thinking but really, truthfully, you need to stop and think. Contributing to these things is, I realise, cathartic for a lot of people too.…

  • Jet


    Been on a project, and now that work’s awaiting feedback, I can come get on with normal things. The confidence I’ve learnt in the last few weeks should be apparent in what’s been made: a 150 second video where I feel anything is now conceivably possible. It’s just up to my imagination and effort. Not…

  • Let Me Go

    Let Me Go

    I made a pretty rookie mistake last Friday: lifting without gloves has bruised some bones in my right hand. It also caused a minor niggle in my right shoulder during lockdown to become a major source of discomfort right through my arm, to said bruised bones, the result of which was three days of absolutely…

  • Life in Tokyo

    Life in Tokyo

    Sometimes, shit just *happens* No real thought, no hours of painful brain-wracking. You just wake up, boil a kettle and as you stare at a tablet, words happen. I suspect it is the equivalent of a sketch from an artist which perfectly encapsulates the fluidity of both motion and moment and sadly, they do not…

  • Funny Girl

    Funny Girl

    I had pudding last night, for the first time in probably a couple of months. Occasionally, over the Lockdown, I’ve sneaked a mini Bread and Butter Pudding in between meals. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy that experience… I also spent most of yesterday doing the exact opposite of what I’d originally planned for Friday.…

  • Here’s the Thing

    Here’s the Thing

    I absolutely HATE learning that I’ve not been shortlisted for The Thing, or indeed I’ve not made it past the first stage by getting the email that tells me who has won The Thing. When I am in charge, there will be communication at every stage of the process. I will attempt to provide coherent…

  • Dollar Days

    Dollar Days

    Brazilian artist Evelyn Tannus, known for her tattoo designs on her ceramics #womensart pic.twitter.com/NqNfw1dW4y — #WOMENSART (@womensart1) April 4, 2020 Today, this seems strangely appropriate. If anybody wants me, I’ll be trying to spawn the perfect Civilization: Beyond Earth map and trying not to think about anything else except a victory.

  • Sweet Disposition

    Sweet Disposition

    All the scheduled stuff will happen tomorrow. I spent an hour after exercise class tonight using my mental health training. This is what I'm here for. This is the world, being made better. <3 — 🌳 Sarah Reeson 🍀 Exposed Frailties 🌳 (@MoveablePress) February 18, 2020 Yesterday was… the word I want to use is…

  • These Foolish Things

    These Foolish Things

    https://www.instagram.com/p/B6xnuiknErk/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Won’t mention it here again, because thirty days of telling people you’re exercising when they’re quite happy not to is quite likely to result in losing friends. This morning is noted here for two reasons alone: I turned up, at the Gym, and had to awkwardly stand in reception until they officially opened at…

  • The Only Way is Up

    The Only Way is Up

    I’m early. There are several reasons, most include not being able to get back to sleep despite today not being a ‘work’ day. Everybody else is asleep. They are sensible and clearly not doomed as I am to spend every waking hour imagining story ideas. They’re being dreamt again too, in a fashion that would…