Police and Thieves


Whilst I was unwell, NCIS saved my Soul.


The man responsible for this concept also created Quantum Leap, a show that remains on the ‘guilty pleasures’ list after many decades. It’s a procedural, and I’ve enjoyed those well before CSI made science sexy on TV. If you want one reason why this show is so interesting, casting provides part of the answer. The NCIS team are an eclectic bunch, including David McCallum (Man from UNCLE, Sapphire and Steel) as the Coroner. However, the writing consistently shines, built around an embedded backstory thread that just keeps on giving. I’ve done Season One and am well into Season Two, with absolutely no regrets.


Sometimes it creaks, I won’t lie. Other times it surprises, which is always a bonus in a TV show. It is the quirks in characters that often carry entire episodes, with guest star turns that never disappoint. The Season Two opener, for instance, stars David Keith in a role that almost looks as if it were written for him, which is wonderfully taught with the obligatory Third Act sting. I’ve yet to see a bad episode, and that for me makes TV that stops being casual and evolves into compelling.


It also helps greatly that the women presented aren’t just smart, clever and independent, they’re made that way. It is a realistic view of the World as I see it.

I look forward to losing myself in the weeks to come.

Life on Mars

I have a confession to make: I watch perilously little TV these days. Normally there is just not the time to do so: there tends instead to be vicarious consumption via Social media. However, as of right now I have two regular shows which aren’t missed: Quacks on BBC2 (you can iPlayer the whole thing if you choose, I prefer to do it old school) and, on the same channel Astronauts: Do You Have What it Takes? They are about as far apart as you can get in terms of subject matter, but I have interests in both.

The former is interesting for the subject matter (Victorian medicine but done for laughs) except I don’t find it that funny. In fact, I’m slightly concerned when I’ve heard other people consider it just that when I really don’t laugh that much at all. However, Rory Kinnear can do no wrong in my mind (you’ll know him as Bill Tanner from the Bond movies) and everybody else seems to be having a whale of a time so you know, it’s a win regardless. The Astronaut thing is as cerebral as reality TV shows can probably get at current levels: you ‘prize’ should you ‘win’ is a recommendation from former Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield to get you into the Space Programme.

After that, there are a bazillion things I probably should watch but simply haven’t gotten around to doing, thanks to the levels of work at present. This includes The Handmaid’s Tale, Twin Peaks, anything on Netflix or Amazon Prime and pretty much every point in between. In good news none of this stuff is going anywhere, the nights are getting longer and I could conceivably do this whilst cycling in the shed. I’d have to make a priority list but it might be a plan for getting through until next year, assuming nuclear war doesn’t break out in the meantime.

Today however is Back to School day for everybody, and when you read this I expect to be celebrating with a cuppa and quite possibly a book before I get on with the rest of my plans for the week. There’s a poetry submission for the 8th but as I have to pay for it I’m still not sure it is summat worth doing. I’ll sleep on it tonight and consider the possibilities on Wednesday.