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  • The End

    The End

    Today, I began an eight-day cycling challenge. I’ve got to do 500km by New Year’s Eve. Welcome to the new routine. Nobody is making me do this. It’s not a challenge. It’s also, crucially, nothing to do with Red January, which I am now debating skipping this year. The reason for that is fairly complicated, […]

  • My Way

    My Way

    I am surrounded by chaos daily, often of my own creation. Certainly, in the last six months, all the contention in my life has come from me, self-creating it. That’s really not an optimal situation, when all is said and done. How, therefore, do I find a place to be myself, be true to what […]

  • It’s the End of the World as we know it (and I feel Fine)

    It’s the End of the World as we know it (and I feel Fine)

    That thing about no pain? When the drugs finally wear off, and your body reminds you at 1am that yes, an Irishman literally yanked part of your body out of your jaw with pliers… that’s a new discomfort, but simultaneously it isn’t. There was sleep last night, but none of it particularly restful. That’ll start […]

  • Becoming More Like Alfie

    Into the Inbox this morning dropped an email from those people who service my car, asking for a response regarding their most recent efforts. When the only answer you’re given to the question ‘would you recommend us to anyone else’ is yes/no, someone like me stops, thinks, and then deletes the e-mail. Forced to give an honest answer […]

  • Memories of Green

    Memories of Green

    – Strawberries now in planters– Herbs beginning to establish– Raspberry growth!#AltsGarden pic.twitter.com/3T2Z6jmsrr — 🌊 Sarah Creates : Shonky Gubbins 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) May 3, 2018 The cultivation of my Happy Place continues apace, and this weekend there’ll be some more visits to Garden Centres to see what else can be added to the space. The plan […]

  • ‘Sex Crime’ 1984

    ‘Sex Crime’ 1984

    If it weren't for PLAYBOY magazine I might never have known at an early age just how attracted to men I truly was. #RIPHughHefner — Mr Burlesk (@mrburlesk) September 28, 2017 Many women will celebrate the passing of Hugh Hefner. There is a variance in storytelling from those who have been or were a part of […]