Something Changed

I’m not the same person I was yesterday. 

There’s a very good reason why some individuals avoid the past. It shows up all the failings and flaws. Once you are able to view things without the filters, or restrictions placed upon existence by others, life becomes a vastly different proposition. Placing you back into those situations, when they were previously restrictive and enclosed, does not hold the same power. Freedom is understanding. That’s not a shitty motivational speech either, but 100% solid, unavoidable truth.

You are the arbiter of individual destiny.


Watch out, kids. Things are likely to get funky for a while.


I write every day for many reasons: sometimes there are things to say, other days it is about helping my brain deal with circumstances around me. Occasionally there are big issues to address. Other times it’s the details that destroy a moment.

Today, I need to start again.

We’ve made as a family some significant and far-reaching decisions on how domestic life needs to change in the next six months. None of this is bad, far from it. What has come from this discussion, and others over the last few weeks, is that I’ve become terribly predictable.


Therefore, I will need some time to consider what’s been told, with love and understanding, and react accordingly.

Leave this with me.