Quiet Life

I’d planned to paint the fence this weekend but, looking at the weather forecast, I think that’s probably not happening for another seven days. Instead, tomorrow I am going to introduce my daughter to the ideals of minimalism, and finally take myself to task. There’s a lot of nostalgia being held onto around me, and within, that really needs to be dealt with. I’m beginning to understand that, at least right now, removing the past does have a lot of tangible benefits.


This is my scheduled thank you to Jesse, the Internet Friend that has made a significant difference to my existence. I started looking at Minimalism about a year ago and it has taken that long for the real significance of the concept to filter through me. Now, the consequences of these ideas are beginning to alter the way I consider purchases, and what exists around me. Not all the concepts are totally embraced, but there’s enough of a change for it to make a difference. I’ve never totally prayed at anybody’s church, over the years.

Now I may offer to help out on Open Days.


There’s also been a lot of unexpectedly useful and very productive novel time. I expect to chip away at the narrative structure for the entire weekend, and (crossing everything) by this time next week should be at the end of the journey. There’s still a tonne of editing that will need to be done, but the basic bones are in place. I am hugely optimistic as a result. I’m really looking forward to the day when I will post a Tweet that states after eighteen years, this novel is finally complete.

That is really going to be a Good Day (TM)