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  • This Is the Day

    This Is the Day

    No Blaze today, because tomorrow is Day One of my writing event in Leeds. I’ll do an adult job of covering it on the appropriate blog, of course, but you can expect non-specific, personal wibbling here. I used to go everywhere on my own up until the birth of my son, then lots of stuff […]

  • 3am Eternal

    3am Eternal

    TMW the battery goes in the smoke alarm at 4am and then it starts beeping as a reminder… — 🗿 Sarah Reeson 📝 Writer/Content Creator 🗿 (@MoveablePress) June 27, 2019 I’ve left the chair on the landing so when I go buy the replacement battery shortly my tired arse does not have to drag it […]

  • Deliver Me

    Deliver Me

    Lying awake at 2am this morning, unable to sleep, the sense of arranging a 9am PT session seemed somewhat pointless. However, as it happens, it was exactly what I needed to get the day off to a useful start. By that I mean not only am I awake, but aware of how much there is […]

  • The World is Not Enough

    The World is Not Enough

    TMW Cricket grasps that yes, if you want to get people excited about your sport, you have to look as if your sport's as exciting as all the other ones that advertise themselves like this… BRICKS AS WICKETS GO. https://t.co/xrnAik0TxZ — 🗿 Sarah's Poems 📝 Less Grief Associates 🗿 (@AlternativeChat) February 27, 2019 The news […]

  • Lies


    With the virtual world awash with fake news and unconfirmed rumour, navigating the Internet’s never been more fraught. How can we tell what’s real and what isn’t? In most cases, I use more than one ‘impartial’ news sources for a confirmation on big stories: Reuters, the Associated Press and the BBC News sites may not […]

  • Why


    This month, we’re doing stuff differently. I’ve been blogging in various forms for nearly a decade. Just writing that down sends a shiver through the soul: ten years. I’ve been out here for all that time and still, most days, my family doesn’t have a clue what I’m talking about. The number of people who enquire […]

  • Hello Hello

    Hello Hello

    This week has become rather important for a lot of reasons. A number of these cannot be spoken about (as yet) but once the processes are complete, that will change. For today, however, I have daughter here after an extremely torrid week abroad and husband after a weekend where he couldn’t walk more than about […]

  • Rise Up

    Rise Up

    Today is a Garden Day 🌳 pic.twitter.com/jC8F0Hlmcv — 🌊 Sarah Creates : Shonky Gubbins 🌊 (@AlternativeChat) April 22, 2018 So yeah, hi there, I’m back. I never really went away, when all is said and done, but there was some time spent not engaging brain cells. There have also been some quite important and significant […]

  • Crying


    What a weekend. I’m on five hours sleep right now, and maybe this isn’t the time to be starting something quite complex and potentially life-changing, but that’s how this works. Today begins a sixteen-week Cycling training course, which is how long before I go on holiday. An awful lot could and might happen between now and […]

  • Don’t Call Me Baby

    Don’t Call Me Baby

    We did Friendship on Wednesday. Today is Honesty. Some of you guys don’t like this as a concept on the Internet, that much is abundantly obvious. You’d rather maintain that air of mystery that helps make you look and feel like some kind of better, more worthwhile person. I’ll be over here, calling bullshit, and sticking […]