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  • Everyone’s a Winner

    Everyone’s a Winner

    Sunday. Ah yes, time for getting next week ready and if that’s done well enough, maybe there’ll be a moment left over to fuck about with something for myself. Next year WILL BE THE ONE where I start doing art and shit for relaxation: having accepted my drawing is restricted to high-quality doodling and not much […]

  • Dark Days

    Dark Days

    This wasn’t how this entry started: that version of events was far more staid, even boring. That’s the biggest problem with a daily blog: at some point, the mundane begins to show. It stops being compelling and becomes your diary of events and consequences. That’s all well and good once in a while, until a shit day […]

  • Confusion the Waitress

    Confusion the Waitress

    I almost cracked 30k steps on Monday. It was close and gave me an idea of what I need to do this morning, when I do. Because today, I won’t be writing until lunchtime, I’ll be walking/elliptical-ing my way to a new Fitbit badge. When I was Googling for a suitable image, I discovered this […]

  • Get Off

    Get Off

    Because the game I cover on the other blog has a T for Teen rating, most people won’t step on toes when it comes to discussing it. In fact, in the majority of cases, being a foul-mouthed, indignant woman over it is probably as ill-advised as anything on the Internet you do with words could possibly be. […]

  • Save Me

    Save Me

    Losing Alan Rickman so soon after Bowie makes the whole ‘grieving about someone you never knew’ thing become really problematic. Defining your life, you see, is not simply about the stuff you do. It’s about what you watch, or read, or hear as well, often more so. These moments shape your progress, and alter the methods of […]