The plan was reasonably simple: remove the ‘alt’ from my life, and re-brand in a manner that acknowledges the changing use of language in society. Alternative music is no longer acceptable as an umbrella term, and with continued issues surrounding extremism, it makes sense to shift away from any association. Yesterday just seemed like the right time to move forward. So, I have, and in the event I start my own publishing gig (which is always a possibility) there’s now a website with this name sitting on the domain.

I don’t like to do things by halves.

Moveable Press Piece

My legs REALLY hurt today, because last night I got back on the static bike for the first time in a while and was reminded of how quickly muscle tone vanishes if you don’t work. So, I am now caught in the classic ‘Shall I/Shan’t I’ dilemma: I can go run, and burn more calories, or bike again later burning less but undoubtedly doing more good to my leg muscles. This one’s pretty simple to resolve though. I should be on the bike. It does my heart far more good long term. So, that’s what will happen today.


Most of the time the dilemma’s easily resolved: the more thorny ones used to be over eating bad stuff, or not doing things that were promised to other people. In reality, the right answers are becoming increasingly easy to grasp: do it now, don’t put it off. Be the change, make the difference, alter your existence. Except, there are likely to be some fairly major issues coming up in the next few weeks.

The truth, in most cases, is the only answer. However, some of that truth is stuff I have not had the ability to deal with successfully across the years. Trying to predict my own reactions is, in most cases, a mug’s game. The only way to do this properly is to turn up, listen and give answers to questions that are asked. Everything after that is in flux. All the planning in the world will not help when emotions become involved.

Basically, I gotta stop worrying and just get on with it.

12 Reasons Why

Yesterday, I decided it is time to stop being alone. It can be horribly isolating, this life we all live separately, only pulled together by those things shared and loved collectively. Therefore, it is time to ask questions of those around me, as reminder not only of the point, but how my outlook is interpreted by others. The Internet’s undoubtedly less pleasant in some places, Mike’s right with that, but that isn’t going to be what happens here. Sure, I’ll be putting the ranty pants on from time to time, and asking people why the fuck they did that to begin with, but it will not devolve to fisticuffs.

If you try and start a fight, I refuse to play with you any more.

There is also a vested interest here in so many people that are read and followed. I see others however trying to build brands and sell themselves, with people like me quite obviously making up the numbers. You could well be listening, but without interaction it is impossible to tell and over time it becomes a one-sided conversation. When there’s an effort to communicate, what do you take silence as being? So, from this point onward, it is time to be more selective with who I work with. It is a fair assumption that if someone get the right hump they’ve been unfollowed having made no effort to interact, I made the right call.

This is becoming increasingly important to help me understand how to best communicate virtually going forward.

This, ultimately, is why the blogs are here, and what the writing is about. Forward motion remains earnest creation in an effort to entertain and stimulate people’s own though processes. If that happens, then the individual chooses to leave because they’re not interested in these things? That is the inevitable consequence of my action and is totally acceptable. Having kids taught the vital next step in responsibility, insight I will eternally be grateful for.

Many people have declared me frustrating over the years: every time this happens, there’s a self-imposed shift in presentation, but never in attitude. This stuff is not presented to annoy or frustrate, only to promote thought. If those feelings occur, laying blame at my door is all well and good, but it remains your outlook that is offended. Only by truly embracing our own potential and understanding that to do so means giving part of ourselves away, do we truly become aware of ourselves.

There’s a realisation too this morning that some people will see these comments and assume this was asked as means to draw attention to myself. All I did was ask a question. That’s what will happen more and more as time goes on. How you choose to respond is out of my hands, and this should always be the way that happens. This is no longer about me, but all about you. What is offered here now is a means to start a discussion, to open your own mind to the possibilities.

It is time to make my stand here.