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  • Regeneration


    I had to stop the car this morning, to write when an idea struck me, and this is happening with increasing frequency. There’s also an emerging, almost infant sense of understanding that never really existed in my head until now. It will undoubtedly be the combination of my time away at the weekend with a […]

  • The Greatest Love of All

    The Greatest Love of All

    Okay, where to start…? So, everybody, where are we today? pic.twitter.com/q8pOYMpGfU — 🗿 Sarah Reeson 📝 Writer/Content Creator 🗿 (@MoveablePress) May 18, 2019 My PT knows I like taking pictures, so asked if I’d be willing to come visit the site where lots of clients were taking part in a sport that could one day […]

  • Confusion the Waitress

    Confusion the Waitress

    Monday, it must be said, seems a very long way away. It didn’t help this week that I’ve not had a regular PT session, that my son spent Monday and Tuesday at home, that I spoke to a Therapist on Wednesday and yesterday went outside for longer on my own than I have been for […]