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  • Don’t you Forget about Me

    Don’t you Forget about Me

    I haven’t, there’s just a LOT on, and I haven’t taken a picture either in over a fortnight, so don’t start about that either. Well, that’s not strictly true. The end is coming. I expect some clear air at the weekend.

  • It’s Not Over Yet

    It’s Not Over Yet

    What I am has been different for most of my adult life. I have moved around extensively, and have altered undoubtedly as a result of understanding what I really am. That journey should, theoretically, never end, until I die. The point is to not be the same person if that is having a negative impact […]

  • Bombs Away

    Bombs Away

    I’m not even close to being done, but today there are other priorities, so I’m going to fix them first. Then I have a ton of tidying to do. I’ll be with you at more length on Wednesday <3

  • Alone Again, Or

    Alone Again, Or

    Yesterday was a watershed. It began because I am no longer in the position to afford things that other people consider as essentials. The fact remains, FOMO is real, but largely pointless once you rationalise the expense. Sure there are alternatives too, but the larger truth is that when you know something is a distraction, […]

  • Breaking Glass

    Breaking Glass

    Most years, before my birthday, I sit and work out whether I feel anything has been achieved. This year it’s an odd satisfaction within me as I sit here, typing the phrase ‘yeah, you know what, this is getting somewhere.’ The potential for everything to change in a heartbeat has never been so obvious, permanently […]

  • So Here We Are

    So Here We Are

    Whenever two or three people I know and follow, on Twitter, get together and have a conversation, Twitter actively attempts to involve me. Even on Tweetdeck, that interaction appears unavoidable. With my tech hat on there are clearly very good reasons why doing this is a good idea for the growth of the platform overall. […]

  • Beautiful


    Yesterday, I was tested. Asked some big questions, answers were confidently offered, then explored. I know who I am now. Not owned by the past, weighed down by events or expectations. This is not history controlling future or present. There is, however, some work to be done with exposure therapy, but that’s not a problem. […]

  • Ready to Go

    Ready to Go

    Oh look, isn’t that a Warcraft header? I am embracing Gaming Love today and accepting that playing with pixels is an essential part of my relaxation routine. Therefore, it’s going to happen more: not loads, but enough. Tomorrow, it is time to stick myself into a higher gear.